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Fran Mazza
Photo Credit: c Islington Cook Ltd

Fran Mazza is a pastry chef who is half Italian, half Australian and lives in New Zealand. She and her husband Aaron Carson are the brains behind a succession of vibrant, popular cafes that specialise in delicious dishes that taste as good as they look. For Fran and Aaron it's all about three things - family, food and community.

Books by Fran Mazza

Feed Me Feed Me

Delicious and accessible recipes from the team that put together a series of successful and hip cafes around Auckland, offering highly Instagrammable dishes.

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More features

Risotto cakes: pea, mascarpone and mint

Being a huge fan of cabinet food, we were looking for a good gluten-free, vegetarian alternative to potato cakes to serve for lunch straight out of the cabinet. 

Lemon shortbread slice

This is a great Nordic recipe — the tartness of the citrus cuts through what would otherwise be the overbearing sweetness of the shortbread. The flavours complement each other brilliantly . . . it’s definitely a combination made in Valhalla. We’ve decorated it with preserved lemon slices, which you can buy from any good gourmet or speciality food store.