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Jarlath Regan

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Jarlath Regan is a comedian. He had sold-out shows at Edinburgh for the last two years and is a regular guest on RTE television's prime time comedy chat show, The Panel. Last year, TV3 followed him to Edinburgh in a three-part documentary called Nobody knows ... Jarlath Regan.

Here are some more things you might not know about Jarlath:
He talks tough when he gets hungry but has never been in a fist fight.
He used to own a dog called Kim. At ten years old he hit her over the head with a broken axe handle, accidentally. She survived but is now dead.
He likes the fact that all airplanes are equipped with a peephole in the cockpit door.
He enjoys underestimating things in order to increase the level of excitement in his life.
He likes eating sushi but dislikes the Generation Game component of the experience.

Books by Jarlath Regan

Putting A Ring On It

What not to do when getting married... A brilliantly dark and humourous guide.

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