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Melissa Anderson Scott has been exhibiting paintings and sculpture in New Zealand and overseas since 1990. Creating art with children and grandchildren reminded her of the wonderful, powerful illustrations in books from her own childhood. She became determined to pursue picture book illustration, and went through a challenging retraining exercise. Melissa has a real passion for producing New Zealand-related images for our kids to identify with. Her long-time friend from when their children were at Playcentre, Diane Newcombe, came to her with a wonderful idea for a project, A is for Auckland, which was published in 2013. She and Diane have had a lively time creating A is for Aotearoa, which answers the eternal questions, 'who, what, where?' with a Kiwi accent!

A is for Aotearoa Diane Newcombe, Melissa Anderson Scott

Discover Aotearoa in this fun lift-the-flap New Zealand treasure hunt from A to Z.

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