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An action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled near future science fiction thriller

The Arctic Cap has all but melted, oil is running low and the United Nations Polar Guard is fighting a losing battle against pollution and illegal smuggling.
Anika Duncan, former mercenary turned UNPC pilot, is hot on the trail of potential nuclear dumping when she becomes embroiled in a deadly game of international politics and espionage, as our best potential solution to global warming is turned into the deadliest weapon known to man.
Part techno-thriller, part eco-thriller, ARCTIC RISING is a fantastic dystopian science fiction adventure that will appeal to fans of everyone from Michael Crichton to James Bond.


…an intimate techno-thriller about an ecological showdown in an ice-free Arctic… …moves swiftly…

Publisher's Weekly

…Buckell shifts his narrative into overdrive, almost providing his readers with whiplash as they must keep up with his change of pace. This change occurs at the right time and Buckell successfully provides the reader with a book which not only offers action, but also explores the positives and negatives of global warming without too evidently landing on one side of the argument or the other…

SF Site

Buckell sails into near future Earth science fiction with gusto.

SF Signal

Only time will tell where Mr. Buckell will next ply his novel writing trade, but with Arctic Rising, he’s penned an entertaining, thought provoking thriller that could have the wider appeal of some of Michael Crichton’s better and stronger novels.

SFF World

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