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The first novel in a compelling dystopian series, co-authored by Tom and Giovanna Fletcher. What if the fate of humanity was down to you?

They had predicted the end of the world would be epic - a nuclear war, a plague, an asteroid. But it came with a whisper, not a bang.

For over fifty years, no girls have been born - only boys.

The youngest and last generation of women alive are now in their fifties. Not only are their looks fading, but these greying women are humanity's only hope for survival.

Until there is sudden hope: a girl is born. And in that moment, she instantly becomes the most important person in history.

She is their saviour. Her name is Eve.

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On the first day no one really noticed. Perhaps there was a chuckle among the midwives at the sight of all those babies wrapped in blue blankets, not a pink one in sight. Individual hospitals would’ve thought nothing of it. They wouldn’t have known that this day of blue was only the beginning.

On the second day they frowned, confused, at another twenty-four hours of blue.

Just boys.

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