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The Inside Story On How a New Zealand Brand Achieved World Domination.

Initially brewed by Wellington advertising man Geoff Ross in his garage, everything
about this vodka was audacious, from the very notion of making high-end vodka
Downunder to its irreverent ad campaigns and the fact that it would go on to beat the
world's great vodka brands in international competitions. But the most remarkable thing
about 42 Below was the way it won the respect and support of the world's leading
bartenders and eventually attracted the attention of liquor giant Bacardi, which paid
millions to buy the brand four years ago.

Every Bastard Says No is the rollicking tale of how Geoff Ross, his wife Justine, and
their business partners and loyal staff risked all and worked their butts off to do what
New Zealanders so dream of doing but so rarely manage: build a brand that makes the
world sit up and take notice. It's an inspirational business story that will appeal to
entrepreneurs, business students, creatives, and everyone who loves a brave - and
ultimately successful - Kiwi start-up.

'This book will bamboozle those who look for neat classifications. Is it a business book?
A biography? Or a beverage bible? I don't know - and it doesn't matter. It works. It's
brilliant! Like 42 Below.' Mark Weldon, CEO New Zealand Stock Exchange


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