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A one-of-a-kind book celebrating the art, the creativity and - of course - the craft of New Zealand’s most popular and experimental brewery, Garage Project.

Garage Project: The Art of Beer is a one-of-a-kind book celebrating the art, the creativity and – of course – the craft of the world’s most experimental brewery, New Zealand's own Garage Project.
Since its earliest days in Wellington’s Aro Valley, Garage Project has collaborated with some of Aotearoa’s most talented graphic designers, painters, game designers, tattoo artists (and more) to create literally hundreds of unique artworks for its cans and bottles. Many have become iconic, much-loved and even collectible items in their own right.
Today, Garage Project’s colourful and ever-changing beer labels are as well-known as its unique and popular brews – and over 100 of them are collected in this book.
Here are original sketches and finished art for the beers you love to love, from Pils’n’Thrills to Aro Noir to BEER beer, with insights into the creative process and talented people who made them – and the stories and inspiration behind the brewery and the beers, all as told in entertaining style by the co-founders themselves.
Drink in the thinking, the process and the inspiration behind Garage Project with this beautifully designed gift book.

Formats & editions

  • Hardback


    July 16, 2019


    240 pages

    RRP $42.00

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Let’s be honest, not many people come to Wellington for the weather. But anyone who lives here, or braves the all too often bumpy flight into our little city, is rewarded with an incredibly vibrant café and bar scene. Our city seems to draw creative people who have small budgets and clever ideas. It then nurtures them with a culture that loves to embrace the ‘new’. It’s a city of hidden gems, bursting with its own quirky kind of cool.

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