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Traditional household advice for the modern home keeper in pocket format

Many wonderful little tricks and techniques can be gleaned from old-fashioned knowledge when it comes to keeping a home clean and comfortable with the minimum of effort and expense. This book contains a selection of the most useful hints and tips, including sections on:

* How to clean everything – advice on the essential home-cleaning kit and failsafe tips for keeping every room of the house clean
* Make do and mend – with recycling a virtue once again, these traditional tips are well worth following
* Good plain cooking – basic cooking skills never go out of fashion and neither will these simple tips
* Traditional decorating tips – time-honoured ways to achieve a professional finish
* Gracious living – shortcuts to the ‘domestic arts’ that help turn a house into a home

In addition, Linda Gray reveals the secrets to how to treat valuable and traditional materials, keep pests at bay and care for clothes, as well as tips to ensure safety at home. A handy pocket reference book you will turn to again and again, Household Hints & Tips is full of great tips to help you maintain a stylish home with minimum expense.

Formats & editions

  • Hardback


    May 1, 2007

    Ebury Press

    96 pages

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