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An hysterical adventure featuring out-of-control Yuri-nators, gravity-defying stunts, murderous metal-mouthed monsters, and a twisted villain who wants to become the world’s greatest F.A.R.T.E.R.

Jonathan Dangerfield – aka Johnny Danger super spy – is facing his most dangerous mission yet. Not only has Dr Disastrous escaped, but he has joined forces with the evil inventor Yuri Boom-Boom.

Boom-Boom has created an army of Yuri-nators, cyborg clones that are so humanlike even MI6 is compromised. Their number one mission? Exterminate Johnny Danger. Number two mission? Take over the world.

Johnny doesn’t know who to trust. And with his partner Penelope badly injured, his father acting very weird, and a golden terminator hot on his heels, the teenage super spy is fast running out of time …


Lots of laughs and daring escapes from danger fill this story which will be enjoyed by boys of 8 or 9 years who love lavatory humour.

Jenny Millar, Magpies

Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    August 29, 2016


    192 pages

    RRP $17.99

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  • EBook


    August 29, 2016

    Penguin eBooks (AU YR)

    192 pages

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