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A missing tiger cub and a long list of suspects! Can the Twin Detectives get to the bottom of this terrible crime?

A missing tiger cub and a long list of suspects! Can the Twin Detectives get to the bottom of this terrible crime?
It’s a super special Saturday at Appleton Animal Park! Purr and Pounce the white tiger cubs are being shown to the public for the very first time. But disaster strikes when Lexi and Lottie discover that Pounce has been stolen and replaced with a soft toy. The Twin Detectives enlist the help of Grandpa and their best friend Fred and set out to find the thief. With no stone left unturned Lexi, Lottie and the gang begin to narrow in on the suspects.

Can the Twin Detectives put this case to bed and track down the missing tiger cub?


If you’re looking for something new for your early independent readers this might be just the thing . . . Kid detectives and animals (vets/zoos) are very popular trends at present and this follows that appeal with a colourfully illustrated and easy to read narrative.

Sue Warren, Just So Stories

A fantastic new book series based on the hit Eleven television show Lexi & Lottie!

Busy Mums Magazine

I quite enjoyed the process of deduction, with a dash of humour and adventure, as the clues are collected. This story, and presumably the series, fits nicely into the somewhat odd gap between Dora the Explorer and the Trixie Belden mysteries, blending information and detection into an enjoyable story. The point is also made, I was glad to find, that taking animals without understanding the care they need can be harmful to the animal in question. As a side note, I was pleased to see that the font size and format was very accessible for a young reader, with just enough cartoon-style illustration to keep a visual interest. Readers aged 7 to 10 who like animals, mysteries and problem-solving should enjoy this story, although the books do seem to be marketed more firmly at girls.

Emily Clarke, CBCA Reading Time

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  • Paperback


    May 29, 2017

    Random House Australia Children's

    96 pages

    RRP $15.99

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