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About the book
  • Published: 18 June 2019
  • ISBN: 9780857526441
  • Imprint: Doubleday
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Pages: 288
  • RRP: $35.00

The Body Lies

A compulsive, suspenseful, bravely observed contemporary novel about a creative writing school tutor whose relationship with a student goes tragically wrong - from the bestselling author of LONGBOURN

A dark, thrilling new novel from the bestselling author of LONGBOURN: a work of riveting suspense that grapples with how to live as a woman in the world - or in the pages of a book - when the stakes are dangerously high.

What if you realised the subject your student is studying is you?

When a young writer accepts a job at a university in the remote countryside, it’s meant to be a fresh start, away from the big city and the scene of a violent assault she’s desperate to forget. But despite the distractions of a new life and single motherhood, her nerves continue to jangle. To make matters worse, a vicious debate about violence against women inflames the tensions and mounting rivalries in her creative writing group.

When a troubled student starts sending in chapters from his novel that blur the lines between fiction and reality, the professor recognises herself as a main character in his book - and he has written her a horrible fate.

Will she be able to stop life imitating art before it's too late?

At once a breathless cat-and-mouse game and a layered exploration of violence against women in art, The Body Lies is an essential book for our times.

  • Pub date: 18 June 2019
  • ISBN: 9780857526441
  • Imprint: Doubleday
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Pages: 288
  • RRP: $35.00

About the Author

Jo Baker

JO BAKER is the author of the acclaimed and bestselling LONGBOURN (which is due for release as a feature film in 2020) and A COUNTRY ROAD, A TREE. Her new novel, THE BODY LIES, is both a rivetting cat-and-mouse game and a disarming exploration of sexual politics. It has been optioned for TV. Jo Baker lives with her family in Lancashire.

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Praise for The Body Lies

“Jo Baker’s THE BODY LIES is gripping and strange in the best possible way: the perfect marriage of risky literary fiction and full-on thriller.”

MARIA SEMPLE, bestselling author of Where d'ya go, Bernadette?

“A propulsive #MeToo thriller investi­gating consent and male entitlement as well as the borders between truth and fiction.”


“This page-turning thrilller has a sympathetic and utterly believable heroine, but it's also an examination of how women's bodies are treated, in life and in fiction.”

The Bookseller

“Powerful and moving, I read The Body Lies in one sitting. As a thriller, it grips and shocks: as a portrayal of the way women move through the world, and the way men see them, it has never been more timely. Absolutely stunning.”

ERIN KELLY, bestselling author of HE SAID/SHE SAID

“A story of female response to male threat, boosted by questions of literary expression... Baker's fans will enjoy the crisp descriptive writing and insightful nuances”

Kirkus Reviews

“All too plausible, Baker’s powerful tale is at times heart-rending to read—and impossible to put down.”

Publishers Weekly

“The beauty and structure of Baker's language, the way she decided to tell this particular story, the suspense... It has stayed in my head for days.”

Jamie Southern, Bookmarks, NC

“Powerful read”

Prima Magazine

“The Body Lies is so much more than just a thriller. It's a literary analysis on the way that our social environment shapes creative writing and individual voice; a heartfelt depiction of assault-related trauma and the associated anxiety and depression; an incisive commentary on the constant, subtle ways that women's consent is invalidated. And on top of all that it's a riveting, compelling murder mystery, intensely readable.”

Genevieve Taylor, Boulder Bookstore, CO

“Jo Baker makes a huge departure in style with this menacing story of a student and teacher. A young college instructor begins to see entirely too much of herself in the work of one of her writing students who claims to only "write the truth." As the threats become more overt, the stakes increase until it becomes unclear who will triumph in this game of cat and mouse. This nail biter of a novel will leave readers deeply unsettled and checking the door locks.””

Pamela Klinger-Horn, Excelsior Bay Books, Excelsior, Minnesota

“A literary exploration of consent, entitlement and how narratives can be bent, misappropriated and wrested back. I loved it.”


“This superior thriller looks at how novels represent violence through the story of a creative writing teacher who finds herself trapped between the borders of life and fiction after recognising herself in a story written by one of her students”


“A shrewdly layered thriller that unflinchingly tackles the quagmire of pressure, judgement and ever-present danger women navigate in their daily lives”

Herald Scotland

“Gripping ... with lots to say about sexual politics”

Good Housekeeping

“Packs a powerful punch on every page”

Red Magazine

“Build-up of tension is EXCELLENT”

Daily Mail

“Baker’s powerful tale is at times heart-rending to read—and impossible to put down.”

Publishers' Weekly US

“Beyond the twists and turns of the thriller, The Body Lies also stands out for its careful examination of the role of women, both in these thriller novels and within society, making this book a powerful and unnerving read with thrills that run much deeper than your average surface shocks ... Impossible to put down.”


“Baker's layered and sharply observed writing feels authentic from the first . . . Moving beyond boundaries to divine the essence of what it is to be a woman navigating life in modern-day Britain.”

Claire Thinking

“An essential book for our times . . . this is a thrilling, gripping read”

Tales Before Bedtime

“The depth and style of literary fiction [with] the thrill of a more contemporary read”

Cheryl M-M's Book Blog

“The Body Lies is one of those brilliant books that gave me the rage in all the right ways . . . A raw and challenging novel that deserves to be widely read”

The Shelf of Unread Books

“There is tension, drama and sense of jeopardy aplenty”

What Cathy Read Next

“A compelling, uncomfortable and overwhelming read . . . absolutely brilliant.”

Beverley Has Read

“I felt compelled to read on and find out what would happen next”


“A timely and powerful literary thriller which makes for a thought-provoking and unsettling read”

Hair Past a Freckle blog

“Thought provoking and intelligent . . . I cannot recommend highly enough.”

Amanda Duncan, My Bookish Blogspot

“Offers a really interesting perspective on how women are represented in life”


“It is insidiously unnerving in such a clever way . . . had me well and truly hooked!”

Bookish Chat

“Dark, unforgiving, suspenseful and thought-provoking”

Emma's Bookish Corner

“Campus novel satire and the high drama of a thriller combine in a fiendishly readable interrogation of the allure of violent fiction”

SARAH MOSS, Guardian

“The final chapters deliver the heart-in-mouth genre denouement we’ve been waiting for”


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