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A Very English Scandal
A Very English Scandal John Preston
An unputdownable real-life political thriller set in the House of Commons.
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Agents Of Empire
Agents Of Empire Noel Malcolm
Agents of Empire describes the paths taken through the eastern Mediterranean and its European hinterland by members of a Venetian-Albanian family, almost all of them previously invisible to history. They include an archbishop in the Balkans, the captain of the papal flagship at the Battle of Lepanto, the power behind the throne in the Ottoman province of Moldavia, and a dragoman (interpreter) at the Venetian embassy in Istanbul.
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American Interior
American Interior Gruff Rhys
American Interior is the story of these twin odysseys - of how wild fantasies interact with hard history and how myth-making can inspire humans to partake in crazy, vain pursuits of glory, including exploration, war and the creative arts.
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America's Queen
America's Queen Sarah Bradford
Reissued with revisions to commemmorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination of J. F. Kennedy.
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Ardennes 1944
Ardennes 1944 Antony Beevor
The No. 1 Bestseller: Hitler's ill-fated final stand, from the bestselling author of Stalingrad, Berlin andD-Day
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Baghdad Justin Marozzi
For much of its extraordinary life Baghdad, the 'City of Peace', has been one of the most violent cities on earth. Justin Marozzi brings to life its whole tumultuous history - as imperial capital, marvel of glittering palaces, thriving centre of learning, home of tyrants and slaves - through thirteen centuries of splendour and destruction.
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Becoming Michelle Obama
An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States.
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Bending Adversity
Bending Adversity David Pilling
Bending Adversity is a superb work of reportage and the essential book even for those who already feel they know the country well.
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Berlin Antony Beevor
Berlin: The Downfall 19145 is Antony Beevor's brilliant account of the fall of the Third Reich.
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Britain Against Napoleon
Britain Against Napoleon Roger Knight
For more than twenty years after 1793, the French army was supreme in continental Europe. How did Britain survive and eventually win a generation-long war against a regime which at its peak commanded many times the resources?
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Charlotte Brontë
Charlotte Brontë Claire Harman
Now, on the 200th anniversary of Charlotte's birth, Claire Harman's landmark biography provides a bold new view of one of Britain's best loved writers, uncovering an inner life that touched the furthest extremes of human emotion.
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Children Of The Days
Children Of The Days Eduardo Galeano
This is not an official history of the world. It is about what happens between the cracks. It is about the forgotten, the overlooked, the marginalised.
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China's War With Japan, 1937-1945
China's War With Japan, 1937-1945 Rana Mitter
Mitter puts China at the heart of our understanding of the Second World War - a conflict that continues profoundly to shape China's view of itself and its neighbours today. 
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Christian Beginnings
Christian Beginnings Geza Vermes
Christian Beginnings pulls apart myths and misunderstandings to focus on the true figure of Jesus, and the birth of one of the world's major religions.
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Common People
Common People Alison Light
Epic in scope and deep in feeling, Common People is a family history but also a new kind of public history, following the lives of the migrants who travelled the country looking for work. 
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