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Persepolis I & II
Persepolis I & II Marjane Satrapi
Now in one volume, both parts of Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi's brilliant memoir-in-comic-strips about growing up in Iran during and after the Islamic revolution.
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The Fatal Shore
The Fatal Shore Robert Hughes
'An extraordinary vivid yet authentic account of the birthpangs of a nation. A work of real distinction' Philip Ziegler
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2Stoned Andrew Loog Oldham
'What a ride and what a read' Sunday Times-'Fantastic' Time Out
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The Cadence of Grass
The Cadence of Grass Thomas McGuane
'A writer of the first magnitude-McGuane is a virtuoso' New York Times
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The Crazed
The Crazed Ha Jin
'Reading [Ha Jin] is almost like falling in love' The New YorkerBy the author of the Award winning Waiting
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Six Degrees
Six Degrees Duncan Watts
A brilliant, thought- provoking and wonderfully well- written exploration of the new science of networks, showing how the complex interconnectedness of both things and people rules our lives.
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The Girl Who Played Go Shan Sa
Another French- Chinese literary gem in the tradition of the internationally bestselling Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress.
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Inventing God
Inventing God Nicholas Mosley
A highly topical new novel, set in the Middle East, from one of our most distinguished novelists.
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American Fiction Margaret Reynolds, Jonathan Noakes
In VINTAGE LIVING TEXTS, teachers and students will find the essential guide to the works of Joseph Heller, J. D. Salinger, Harper Lee and Richard Wright.
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The Fourth Treasure
The Fourth Treasure Todd Shimoda
The inkstone's history, and the art of calligraphy reach back hundreds of years into a Japanese culture that no longer exists, yet continues to reverberate across the world.
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Reign Of Henry VIII David Starkey
David Starkey's brilliant overview of the great game of politics, over which Henry VIII presided
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Not With Silver
Not With Silver Simi Bedford
A vividly realised historical novel about three generations of an African family, and their experiences of slavery, which draws on the author's wider ancestral history.
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Veronica Guerin
Veronica Guerin Emily O'Reilly
The extraordinary story of a bold but reckless young journalist, and a forceful exploration of the dubious ethics of modern journalism.
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Ninety-Two In The Shade Thomas McGuane
'A writer of the first magnitude.. .McGuane is a virtuoso' NEW YORK TIMES
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The Secret History Of Modernism
The Secret History Of Modernism C. K. Stead
"C. K. Stead is challenging, fun, urbane and brilliant. Read him" Spectator
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Vermeer's Milkmaid Manuel Rivas
'He is an important storyteller because he is sensitive and has an incredible ear, which, in his fiction, is allied to great integrity' John Berger
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The Virgin In The Garden
The Virgin In The Garden A S Byatt
'Large, complex, ambitious, humming with energy and ideas- a remarkable achievement' Iris Murdoch
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Lanzarote Michel Houellebecq
Hedonism, extra-terrestrials and an exiled police inspector collide in this novel from the internationally bestselling author of Atomised and Submission
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Web Of Deceit
Web Of Deceit Mark Curtis
A timely and controversial critical expose of the reality of British foreign policy.
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Living Nowhere
Living Nowhere John Burnside
'Living Nowhere amply confirms his reputation as one of our finest prosestylists' Guardian
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Lovely Green Eyes
Lovely Green Eyes Arnost Lustig
'Lustig shows us that in language exists the power that often eludes us in life, the power to record, to accuse, to confess and most important, to renew and transcend' Mark Bautz, Washington Times
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The Dumas Club Arturo Peréz-Reverte
In the world of rare books, everything has its price. But when the book is a satanic tract, the trading currency is not money, but life...
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The Fencing Master Arturo Peréz-Reverte
A brilliantly compelling historical mystery, set in nineteenth-century Spain.
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