Rights and Permissions

Rights and Permissions

According to the New Zealand Copyright Act (1994), a published work is in copyright up to fifty years after the author's death. However, if the work is first published posthumously, the term extends to fifty years after first publication. If you would like to reproduce an extract from a published work that is under copyright, you will need to seek permission from the original publisher before you proceed. 

Please place your request as early as possible. We need time to research and perhaps refer you elsewhere since we do not always control rights to the material you want. Written requests must be sent to: Permissions Editor, Penguin Group (NZ), Private Bag 102 902, North Shore Mail Centre, Auckland 0745, New Zealand. Requests may also be sent by fax to (0)9 442 7401 or email to publishing@penguin.co.nz. Your request should include the following information about our publication:

  • Title
  • Author's or Editor's full name and Illustrator's name (if applicable).
  • Publisher (e.g. Viking, Penguin, Puffin, Reed, Mallinson Rendel, etc.). 
  • ISBN 
  • Identify the original source as specifically as possible by chapter, page number, description of illustration, etc.

Your request should also include the following information about your intended purpose for the extract:

  • Title of your publication or description of where and in what form the content will appear
  • Author
  • Brief explanation of manner of work
  • Territorial rights sought
  • Number of copies to be printed if a hardcopy product
  • Recommended retail price (alternatively, please outline clearly if the intended usage is non-commercial).

If the book in question was published by an overseas branch of Penguin Books, you will need to contact them directly:

Penguin Group Australia

Penguin Group UK

Penguin Group (USA)

Rights enquiries

For all rights enquiries regarding Penguin Books NZ titles, please email rights@nz.penguingroup.com

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