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Mother's Day Cheat Sheet

The ultimate guide to picking the right book for your Mum! 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity Pack!

Download this fun activity pack, celebrating all things Very Hungry Caterpillar! 

Cat From Muzzle Colouring Sheet!

Dwayne is the cat from Muzzle, who traveled over mountains and across rivers on an epic five-week journey home to New Zealand’s most remote station. Download and print this fun colouring sheet of Dwayne here! 

Little Kiwi Chore Chart

In Little Kiwi the Cool Mama, Little Kiwi finds out that a parent's job is harder than it looks. Use this chore chart to help your parents out around the house! 

The Great Penguin Superproof Quiz

To celebrate the Superproof we’ve pulled together some recommendations of amazing books which are in store NOW, and we’ve developed this highly accurate and scientifically provable quiz to help you find your next great read.


Happy quizzing!

Penguin Awareness Day Facts

Learn some fun facts about penguins, just in time for penguin awareness day! 

Puffin's 2019 Reading Resolutions

A printable, fun checklist to complete in 2019 for the Puffin reader!

Which Wilson sister are you?

The Wilson sisters might share a love of horses, but each has a very different approach to life and to riding. Are you most like Vicki, Kelly or Amanda? Take this quiz to find out!

Hero of the Sea: Activity

Use the key to unlock the secret message!

New from the Author of Eragon

Continuing the adventures of Eragon, The Fork, The Witch and The Worm: Tales of Alagaësia is a new collection of stories from author Christopher Paolini.



Roald Dahl Party Pack

The Roald Dahl Party pack has all you need to create the ultimate Dahl Day Party!

Mother's Day Giftwrap

Print your own Penguin gift wrap for your Mother's Day gift

The Unmourned Crossword

Settle down with a cup of eight down and test your skills. 

Colour in Lee Lin Chin

Sharpen your pencils…

Where Should Your Next Adventure Be?

Take our World of Wanderlust-inspired quiz and find out.

Lolcatz Pub Quiz

Andrew Masterson’s Lolcatz, Santa, and Death by Dog facts exposed.

The Soldier’s Curse Crossword

Test your skills and meet Hugh Monsarrat.

Elizabethan England Quiz

How much do you know about Shakespeare’s stomping ground?

Peter Rabbit’s Missing Onions

Help Peter find the missing onions so he can safely return home.

Little Golden Books Matching Game

Test your memory and match the Little Golden Book covers.