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Popular Historical Fiction books (1988)

  • Inspired by the life of a real World War II heroine, this remarkable debut novel reveals the power of unsung women to change history in their quest for love, freedom, and second chances.

  • The new novel from the international No. 1 bestselling author.

  • An enchanting, spectacularly imaginative magical novel set in a mysterious toyshop, perfect for fans of THE NIGHT CIRCUS

  • A spellbinding story of ambition, anarchy, and absolute power set against the brutal world of 10th century England.

  • The enthralling new novel from the 10-million-copy, No. 1 bestselling author.

  • A little book containing so much: a novella, history, eyewitness reports, Maori translation, verse and images.

  • A spellbinding story of curiosity, love and obsession from an astonishing new talent.

  • Isaac Bell may be on the hunt for the greatest monster of all time in this new action-adventure.

  • A new spy thriller set over the four days of the 1938 Munich Conference, as the world waits for war, from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Fatherland, Conclave and An Officer and a Spy.

  • This stunning debut is a compelling piece of historical fiction, set at the turn of the century, among the pearl merchants making their fortune in the ports of Western Australia.

  • One of New Zealand's favourite and bestselling novels

  • A heartbreaking story about the pursuit of passion by the bestselling author of The Chocolate Tin.

  • Husband-and-wife treasure-hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo unravel a new cryptic mystery.

  • It is 1938 and headstrong eighteen-year-old Mari Carrera leaves a gossipy small town in rural New Zealand aboard the SS Rimutaka. Rather too careless with her reputation, Mari is bound for the bustling anonymity of London – but she is all too willing to be seduced by the temptations of the glittering West End.

  • Breathing life into our past.

  • What began as a brave and bold adventure has become a nightmare. The members of the last wagon train to attempt the uncharted mountain crossing discover that the threat they face reaches beyond the fury of the natural elements, to something more primal and far more deadly.

  • The official film tie-in for the first ever Assassin's Creed film


  • The heartbreaking story of Korea during the Second World War is brought to life in this gripping, redemptive debut about two sisters

  • London, 1914. Belle Reilly finally has the life she's dreamed of  thanks to a devoted husband in Jimmy  and  the hat shop she's wanted to own since she was a child. But as the storm clouds of World War One begin to gather . . . 


  • A mysterious newcomer seeks to lay old crimes to rest in this gripping new thriller.

  • From one of our finest chroniclers of Japan, its history, society and culture - the acclaimed author of Geisha - comes this gripping and richly detailed new historical novel, telling the true story of Princess Atsu and her struggle to save Japan.

  • Previously published as A Trail of Fire. Includes two never-published-before short stories from the bestselling author of the Outlander series.

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