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Popular Politics & Law books (1621)

  • It is a story of astonishing endurance - both physical and mental - which has already inspired people all around the world.

  • Why are some people and organisations more inventive, pioneering and successful than others?And why are they able to repeat their success again and again?

  • A well-priced edition of one of the greatest twentieth century novels, with a striking new jacket and an introduction by Charlotte Wood

  • Corruption, dirty politics and murder in Russia - told by one of Putin's Most Wanted.

  • A groundbreaking examination of a terrifying murder and its aftermath by the bestselling author of Hanns and Rudolf and The House by the Lake.

  • In this moving, critical and fiercely intelligent collection of prose poems, Claudia Rankine examines the experience of race and racism in Western society through sharp vignettes of everyday discrimination and prejudice, and longer meditations on the violence - whether linguistic or physical - which has impacted the lives of Serena Williams, Zinedine Zidane, Mark Duggan and others.

  • A New York Times Bestseller, the real story of Damian Lewis’s character in BILLIONS: The rise and fall of Steven Cohen and the largest insider trading investigation in the history of Wall Street.

  • A letter to his daughter by the #1 bestselling world-renowned economist using vivid, universally accessible stories to explain what economics is and why it is so dangerous

  • Revealed in full for the first time, the extraordinary life of Maxwell Knight, MI5’s greatest spymaster

  • Here is a passionate history of a world unfolding across many continents and five centuries by one of our greatest and internationally bestselling historians.

  • An unputdownable real-life political thriller set in the House of Commons.

  • Now a major Amazon Prime Video series starring Alec Baldwin and Jeff Daniels.

  • The fascinating story of Marita Lorenz, now the subject of a major film starring Jennifer Lawrence

  • A controversial, timely intervention in world affairs from one of the most acclaimed historians of the twentieth century

  • The final book from one of Europe's cultural giants: an entertaining collection of essays about the modern world - from unbridled individualism to mobile phones

  • The most up-to-date book on Aung San Suu Kyi and contemporary Burma

  • Morality binds and blinds, but this book will help you to see and understand your friends, enemies and fellow citizens as never before.

  • Wellcome Prize winner and National Book Award winner Andrew Solomon brings his sharp eye and fierce compassion to stories from all over the world

  • One of the finest writers of our time turns his razor sharp wit to the US elections, pornography celebrity culture and a brief history of the name Tim.

  • The Nobel Prize-winning economist and bestselling author of Globalization and Its Discontents explains why saving Europe may mean abandoning the Euro.

  • A gripping account of how, in the depths of the First World War, Russia's greatest revolutionary was taken in a 'sealed train' across Europe and changed the history of the world.

  • A new anthology of 100 years of artists', film makers' and architects' manifestos from across the globe.

  • AS SEEN ON BBC NEWS AT FIVE. The full story of the interrogation of Saddam Hussein - by the CIA's lead interrogator

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