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Books by Gillian Tindall (8)

  • A personal and global history in objects, Gillian Tindall traces the memories and meanings that accrue to the artefacts of human lives through time.

  • The doyenne of London history travels over and under our great capital to reveal the layers of human existence underlying the Crossrail route as the new line through the heart of London takes shape

  • Local history in the hands of a master in the evocation of time and place. In Three Houses, Many Lives, the houses are variously a country vicarage in the Cotswolds, a girls' boarding school in Surrey and a big town house in North London; the many lives are the people who lived in them, through the ages and through many changes to the houses themselves.

  • Unique book about the Left Bank and five generations of a family - all of whom left their footprints in the same narrow streets, and all of whom found refuge and rejuvenation in Paris.

  • A masterpiece of miniaturist, social history. By closely examining the history of one house, Gillian Tindall tells the story of Southwark and the south bank, the river Thames and indeed of London itself.

  • A feat of historical reconstruction by a master of the genre, this is a vivid and insightful account of the life of Wenceslaus Hollar, the celebrated illustrator of 17th-century London.

  • The long-awaited new book from one of our finest writers on France, Martin Nadaud is an exceptional work of miniaturist history that recreates through the life of a little-known figure the turbulent era of Paris in the mid-nineteenth century.

  • It is Gillian Tindall's gift, in her quietly remarkable book, to remind us how much of the past still lives in the present.