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Books by Jason Webster (12)

  • In the thrilling follow up to Or the Bull Kills You, Detective Max Cámara must investigate the murder of a renowned paella chef and threats against a local abortion clinic in a brilliantly atmospheric Spanish setting

  • Gripping, hot-blooded detective fiction with an authentic Spanish setting – perfect for fans of Michael Dibdin

  • Drug deals, priests and shady government officials star in Max Cámara’s deadliest case yet

  • When a body is found in a Valencian orange grove, the stakes are high for DI Max Cámara – and the whole of Spain

  • As Valencia implodes, things are getting dangerous and personal for Cámara

  • The full story of the greatest double agent in history, the spy who fooled Hitler, saved thousands of Allied lives and helped shape the world we live in

  • An exclusive Christmas short story: Chief Inspector Max Cámara walks into a strange and troubling nativity

  • Detective Max Cámara faces a crime that reopens old wounds

  • Brilliant, funny, powerfully evocative -the young English author of Duende! and his Spanish wife set out to create a magical garden high in remote Spanish mountains.

  • After the success of DUENDE, Jason Webster, one of the most exciting young travel writers today, continues his search for the essence of Spain, this time on a journey into the secrets of Moorish Spain.

  • Completing his edgy Spanish trilogy, Jason Webster unearths the secrets of the Spanish Civil War, and turns it into a personal quest for its dark legacy in today's Spain.

  • Part travelogue, part picaresque adventures of a young man, DUENDE takes the reader to the emotional heart of Spain.