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Books by Simon Hughes (5)

  • The inside account of Liverpool FC's 2018/19 season, Allez Allez Allez gives readers unprecedented insight into the Klopp era, the club's return to top flight football and victory in the Champions League.

  • With a foreword by Steven Gerrard and interviews with major Liverpool players and managers, Ring of Fire focuses on a tumultuous decade in the club's history - the 2000s.

  • The fascinating inside story behind the decline of Liverpool FC in the 1990s, as told by a host of influential characters associated with the team during this tumultuous period in the club’s history.

  • Opens the door to both the dressing-room and the boot room at Anfield during the 1980s to reveal a wealth of untold stories from the era

  • The definitive history of English cricket told in typically irreverent fashion by the William Hill Award-winning author of A Lot of Hard Yakka.