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From the author of the classic bestseller, Life After Life, comes this unique approach to understanding and transcending grief.

As the pioneer of modern research into the near death experience, and author of the bestselling classic Life After Life, Raymond Moody his completely changed the way we view death and dying.
In his new book, Life After Loss, he and Dianne Arcangel (former director of one of the Elizabeth Kubler Ross centres), examine why grief causes us so much suffering and how it is that some people are able to transcend their loss and become more whole than ever before.
Taking up where Life After Life concluded, they describe the very latest findings on near death experiences and show how individuals who believe that consciousness survives bodily death are more likely to go beyond their grief, and be transformed by it. Understanding life's greatest mystery brings self confidence and inner peace.

Formats & editions

  • Life After Loss
    Raymond Moody

    Trade Paperback


    February 1, 2002


    240 pages

    RRP $29.99

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