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Plan your Fargo adventure

For a trip that’s out of the ordinary: crack open a Cussler.

Husband and wife treasure-hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo have seen it all, and if you’re joining them on an adventure you’re in for a treat. Be prepared for danger at every turn and keep your wits about you – every Fargo adventure will see your imagination run riot. From the bestselling series of novels by Clive Cussler, here is a sampling of the activities itinerary on a ‘typical’ trip with the Fargos.

The Solomon Curse 
Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Discover the ancient history and mystic legends of the jungle. Then run for your life, barefoot through that same jungle; explore the pristine Solomon beaches . . . but beware of rogue crocodiles that stalk the island. Did you know a male crocodile can outrun a racehorse?

The Eye of Heaven
Baffin Island, Nunavut
Pack your polar fleece for this trip into the ice caps as you search Viking shipwrecks for precious gems and answers to the mysteries of Viking history.

The Mayan Secrets 
Isla Guadalupe, Mexico
Dive with the elephant seals and great white sharks, sans cage.

The Tombs
Transylvania, Romania
Retrace the steps of Attila the Hun – aka ‘Flagellum Dei’, the ‘Scourge of God’ – across the Eastern Roman Empire.

The Kingdom
Dhawalagiri Zone, Nepal
Trek the Kali Gandaki River ravine – the deepest in the world. You’ll walk the line between the Annapurna mountains and the Dhawalagiri. Out here, your maps are useless. The terrain can change every single day.

Lost Empire
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Build a raft from swamp debris and sail yourself over the rapids to safety.

Spartan Gold
Sevastopol, Ukraine
Steal a precious historical antique from the secure castle of Ukraine’s mafia kingpin and his thugs. (For a good cause, of course!)

Wrath of Poseidon
Travel to the Mediterranean in search of ancient gold. Just be careful to mind the cartels...