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The essential guide to living with and treating the symptoms of the menopause by alternative health practitioner Jan de Vries

The menopause can bring about mysterious and unwelcome changes for every woman who reaches middle age. Brittle bones, hot flushes and depression are just a few of the distressing symptoms by which the change of life can manifest itself. Jan de Vries has more four decades of experience in treating these and other symptoms of the menopause. He provides clear explanations of the changes which take place in a woman's body and, by advocating a common-sense approach based on natural medicine, he offers an effective alternative to treatments such as hormone replacement therapy whose potentially damaging side-effects are a cause for concern for many women. Menopause is a practical and down-to-earth addition to the Well Woman Series.

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  • EBook


    May 20, 2011

    Mainstream Digital

    128 pages

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