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Pig is BIG. Bug is... not. How will they ever be friends?

When Pig hears a strange squeaking coming from his nose, he thinks something is very wrong. But eventually he realises that the noise is just a little bug. The two decide to be friends, but their difference in size soon becomes a BIG problem -- they can't seem to find anything that they can both enjoy.

But when it comes to friendship, does size really matter?


Alex Latimer's stylish, unexpected tale Pig and small offers lots to think about, with its simple, witty cartoons (plus knitted details), as a pig and a bug overcome their size difference to be friends.

Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times

Alex Latimer's fourth picture book is another modern delight. His illustrations are fresh and funny... Pig and Small's story is endearing and amusing. Latimer is a picture book talent to keep an eye on, breathing new life into a timeless territory.

Books for Keeps

The story is a hoot and the expressive illustrations match the text perfectly. A winner!

Peters e-gazette

It's a charming tale of friendship and overcoming differences, with a nice twist at the end.

Parents in Touch

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