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A must have for all mums and dads - at last, a laugh-out-loud book about the darker moments of parenthood. 'Probably the best parenting book I have read' Amazon ***** review

A is for Anxiety, Alcohol and awful Activities. B is for Bedtime, Baking and Boredom. C is for Childcare and Cooking With Your Coat on. N is for Not Swearing (bloody frustrating) and S is for Soft Play Places, Sniffing Babies' Arses (to see if they've filled their nappies - are there not easier ways of finding out?) and Sex (see also L, for lack thereof).

The Aargh to Zzzz of Parenting merrily puts two fingers up to the pervasive notion that parenthood is an eternally rewarding experience. Taking a wry, down-to-earth and humorous look at life with young children, it taps into the very normal, but hard-to-admit ambivalence that so many parents feel about raising kids.

Laugh-out-loud and darkly funny, Joanna Simmons and Jay Curtis' brilliantly alternative A-Z of parenting is essential reading for all mums and dads who really, really love their kids, but...


A look at the weird, wonderful and sometimes weary world of parenting. Brutally honest.

Chester Evening Leader

Probably the best parenting book I have read to date.

Amazon 5 star customer review

I love this book! At last someone has finally written what every parent is feeling within - both the highs and the lows.

Amazon 5 star customer review

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    February 15, 2011

    Vintage Digital

    256 pages

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    June 15, 2010

    Square Peg

    256 pages

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