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  • Published: 13 November 2017
  • ISBN: 9781786331168
  • Imprint: Hutchinson
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 304
  • RRP: $40.00

The New Mum's Notebook

The New Mum’s Notebook: a sanity-saving journal; a companion to reassure the sleepless and a new mum’s best friend.


Reassuring, funny and down-to-earth, THE NEW MUM'S NOTEBOOK is everything you need for the first year of life with a baby.

‘It is hands down THE best book I was given as a new mum. I feel it should be issued to all mums on leaving hospital.’ (Louise, Amazon review)

What do new mums want most of all (apart from sleep)? They want someone to tell them what they’re feeling is ‘normal’. That they’re doing ok. That they will be ok. The New Mum’s Notebook, written by Amy Ransom – mum of three and creator of the Surviving Motherhood blog – does all this and more.

From night feeds, napping and weaning, to which films to cue up on Netflix, finding some headspace and getting all the support, coffee and cake you need, Amy has been there – and this is the book she wishes she’d had by her side.

Divided into the first 12 months of motherhood, with 304 pages of reassurance, love and humour, as well as spaces to scribble thoughts, feelings and memories from those crazy early days, The New Mum’s Notebook will nurture a new mum in however she chooses to raise her baby. Whether it’s her first or her fifth.

Word on the street is it’s almost worth having another baby for...

'You've created the book that we all wish we'd had.' – Clemmie, mum of two

‘My go-to present for my new mummy friends’ Kate, mum of two

‘I've had loads of baby record books and never ever filled one in. This book feels so different. I love it.’ – Annabel, mum of five

* Perfect for expectant mothers and new mums

* Gorgeous colour pages including lots of reassurance, self-care advice, journal pages, affirmations and simple recipes

* Divided into 12 months to take you through every stage of a new mum and baby’s first year

* Eight journal pages per month with space to write notes, thoughts, memories and all those ‘to-dos’

* 12 months of milestone charts for mum and baby

  • Published: 13 November 2017
  • ISBN: 9781786331168
  • Imprint: Hutchinson
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 304
  • RRP: $40.00

About the author

Amy Ransom

I’m Amy, a mum, and the writer of the Surviving Motherhood blog.

I’ve had three children, and each time has brought its own challenges and joys, because every child is different.

So I created the The New Mum's Notebook and The Not-So-New Mum's Notebook to help every mum navigate the first few years of life with their baby, toddler and pre-schooler.

In these two books you'll find everything I wish I’d known, so I could stop worrying and start enjoying – pages and pages of reassurance, love and support – as well as some space to scribble down thoughts, feelings and memories as you go.

Much love, Amy

PS It's all going to be OK.


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Praise for The New Mum's Notebook

I manage[d] to scrawl some notes in this lovely book... A gorgeous item to pick up... when even three weeks felt like forever ago.

Alexandra Heminsley, The Pool

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