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About the book
  • Published: 30 July 2018
  • ISBN: 9781785032431
  • Imprint: Ebury Press
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 432
  • RRP: $26.00

The Summer of Impossible Things

An uplifting, emotional story as seen on ITV in the Zoe Ball Book Club

An epic, high concept love story about family and sacrifice from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Memory Book

If you could change the past, would you?

*As seen on ITV in The Zoe Ball Book Club*
'Beautiful, well-written...I got goosebumps' Alex Jones

'Portrayed 1977 so brilliantly...it would make an amazing movie' Zoe Ball


How far would you go to save the person you love?
Luna is about to do everything she can to save her mother's life.
Even if it means sacrificing her own.

A beautiful novel about family, courage, sacrifice and love in all its guises from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Memory Book

With over 150 5* reviews, this is what readers are saying about this irresistible page-turner:

'Best book of the year for me'

'It's a poignant but ultimately life-affirming journey'

'A wonderful novel, full of love and friendship and vitality'

'This story was magical and I loved it'

'Truly outstanding storytelling'

'A book that really stayed with me'

  • Pub date: 30 July 2018
  • ISBN: 9781785032431
  • Imprint: Ebury Press
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 432
  • RRP: $26.00

About the Author

Rowan Coleman

Rowan Coleman lives with her husband and their five children in a very full house in Hertfordshire. She juggles writing novels with raising her family. She really wishes someone would invent time travel.

She is the bestselling author of THE MEMORY BOOK, WE ARE ALL MADE OF STARS and the critically acclaimed THE SUMMER OF IMPOSSIBLE THINGS.

Find out more about Rowan at www.rowancoleman.co.uk, Facebook or Twitter: @rowancoleman.

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Praise for The Summer of Impossible Things

“It feels like a long time since I loved a book as much. I was CAPTIVATED! Brilliant, different...charming and moving...I stayed up half the night to finish it”

Marian Keyes, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Break

“An emotional, uplifting page-turner that highlights the questions we so often ask ourselves. One of the great reads of the summer ”


“a lovely, magical, time-bending read...There is a lovely smooth glow to the writing”

Matt Haig

“A truly wonderful and magical story. I absolutely loved it - a gorgeous book.”

Milly Johnson, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Queen of Wishful Thinking

“An emotional roller coaster that will floor you with its depth and believability”

Fabulous Magazine, The Sun

“A gorgeous, rapturous novel, intensely atmospheric...a beautiful and heart-wrenching story of a daughter’s love for her mother. Like all Rowan’s novels, it’s life-affirming and shows the best of what humans can be; I felt that the world was a better place when I put it down. As a novel about impossible things, it made me think that anything was possible.”

Julie Cohen, bestselling author of Together

“hugely inventive and evocative...achingly romantic”

Heat Magazine

“The Time Traveler’s Wife meets Sophie’s Choice... wonderfully atmospheric... Perfect summer reading, be it on a sunlounger or sofa.”

The Pool

“Smartly crafted and sumptuously written”

Sunday Mirror

“Beautiful...well-written...I got goosebumps”

Alex Jones, on The Zoe Ball Book CLub

“A tear-jerking, time travelling epic...”

Red Magazine

“exhilarating, thought-provoking novel about family, grief and redemption”

Fanny Blake, Sunday Express S Magazine

“one of my favourite writers”

Cara Delevingne

“Portrayed 1977 so brilliantly...it would make an amazing movie”

Zoe Ball, on The Zoe Ball Book Club

“An absolute triumph...loved it. So clever...such a brilliant writer”

Jill Mansell, bestselling author of This Could Change Everything

“A book that defies reality and makes your heart sing...Rowan Coleman is one of those writers I will follow anywhere. I know however unlikely the story she will never lead me astray.”

Katie Fforde, Sunday Times bestselling author of A Secret Garden

“an irresistible page-turner… the depiction of love seemed the most real”

Stylist Magazine

“Smartly crafted, sumptuously written, a glorious time travelling adventure”

Sunday People

“Spine-tinglingly beautiful. Prepare to lose your heart”

Lisa Jewell

“gorgeous, glowing, heartbreaking and wonderful - Rowan's best novel to date”

Jenny Colgan

“An epic, exhilarating story of bravery and redemption, where love transcends time and the impossible might just happen. Stupendous - I loved it.”

Lucy Diamond

“magical, wonderful and beautifully written”

Trisha Ashley

“one of those captivating novels that simultaneously puts you under a spell as a reader while making you deeply, deeply envious as a writer! I’ve always loved Rowan’s writing, and it’s immediately obvious that this is something magical and new, yet with all her trademark heart.”

Lucy Dillon

“Coleman is such a beautiful writer. The Summer of Impossible Things is an emotional, intelligent, beautifully structured novel”

Alex Marwood

“Totally charmed and moved by Rowan Coleman's The Summer of Impossible Things, a girls' own Back to the Future story set in New York”

Amanda Craig

“So clever, warm, affecting - and so refreshing to read of a daughter's love for her mother”

Sarah Vaughan

“Disco, time travel, fierce love in all its forms. The Summer of Impossible Things is a rich and beautifully written novel which swept me away to 1977 and back again”

Katy Regan

“Oh, my heart! I loved this book. It so deftly captures the bond between mother and daughter, the yearning loss after a parent is gone, and, through time slip, the intrigue of finding out what that parent might have been like when young... It was brave and heartbreaking, and kept me on tenterhooks...”

Katie Khan

“Gloriously romantic, brave and brilliant with Rowan's magical touch - I loved it.”

Rachel Lucas

“I adored The Summer of Impossible Things for so many reasons: for the intoxicating 1970s Brooklyn setting, the courage of Luna, and most of all for the compelling, intelligent story. So much to think about, and remember - impossibly page-turning, impossibly beautiful.”

Kate Harrison

“The Summer of Impossible Things is special - magnificent and magical, it truly captures the essence of love. Epic, romantic, tender and beautiful, I adored it.”

Alexandra Brown

“The Summer of Impossible Things is that rare thing: a deftly crafted, utterly compelling story written entirely from the heart. Hauntingly beautiful, heart-rending and unique, this is an instant classic. I sobbed my heart out and adored it!”

Miranda Dickinson

“GORGEOUS. It's so moving and romantic and I want to re-read it immediately”

Louise O'Neill

“Definitely more Time Traveller’s Wife than Dr Who”

Good Housekeeping

“Packs an emotional punch that's second to none - and the author's hallmark. Rowan Coleman picks you up, spins you around and dances you to the very edge of love. Glorious”

Sarah Hilary

“Powerfully moving, vivid, glowing with love and humanity... I loved every word”

Rosie Walsh

“The Summer of Impossible Things is utterly beautiful and engrossing - and Coleman is a brilliant storyteller”

Eve Chase

“I fell into the pages of this beautiful book, vivid, emotional, and so very evocative, it was an utter joy from first page to last”

Amanda Jennings

“THE SUMMER OF IMPOSSIBLE THINGS is truly a thing of great beauty.'”

Paul Burston

“The pages turn themselves in this perfect summer read. Rowan Coleman has written a time-bending mystery with a huge heart. I loved it”

Paul McVeigh

“The Summer of Impossible Things is captivating, thought-provoking and beautifully written. Rowan Coleman has written a book to savour, and characters to care about. I loved it.”

Hazel Gaynor

“A romantic holiday read with substance…a timeless love story…heart-wrenching”

Liz Earle Magazine

“You're going to love, The Summer of Impossible Things...A rollercoaster ride back and forward through time...enthralling”

My Weekly

“A wonderful story”


“magical and fresh...totally unexpected”

Saga Magazine

“A sparkling novel of hope and sacrifice’”

Glasgow Herald

“Magical, heart-warming and time-bending story.”


“Smartly crafted and sumptuously written”

Daily Mirror

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