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A gripping fantasy adventure novel for young readers.

A gripping fantasy adventure novel for young readers.

Over the galaxy, a strange, deafening tide is flooding. The planet Pluto disappears. Creeping in from between star systems is The Unquiet. It stinks like a million burning tyres, and it jabbers and screams as if the sky is in agony. Soon it attacks the earth: swallowing entire countries.

A second, smaller power seeks out Tansy, a young girl in a town at the bottom of the world. She has a gift.The earth urgently needs that gift, and it also needs the knowledge that a boy called Anaru holds. Together Tansy and Anaru – with guides from another realm – travel far into the heart of the earth. What will they discover there? How can they help to stem the world’s great unrest?

Calling on great myths of the world, The Unquiet is a spellbinding story that cradles a deep peace at its core. “There’s only one planet that weaves into its spinning the wild thread of imagination. It touches everything we know.”

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  • EBook


    October 1, 2012

    Random House New Zealand

    132 pages

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