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Haruki Murakami’s first two novels, available for the first time in English outside Japan. With a new introduction by the author.

Haruki Murakami’s first two novels, available for the first time in English outside Japan. With a new introduction by the author.

'If you’re the sort of guy who raids the refrigerators of silent kitchens at three o’clock in the morning, you can only write accordingly.

That’s who I am.'

Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball, 1973 are Haruki Murakami’s earliest novels. They follow the fortunes of the narrator and his friend, known only by his nickname, the Rat. In Hear the Wind Sing the narrator is home from college on his summer break. He spends his time drinking beer and smoking in J’s Bar with the Rat, listening to the radio, thinking about writing and the women he has slept with, and pursuing a relationship with a girl with nine fingers.

Three years later, in Pinball, 1973, he has moved to Tokyo to work as a translator and live with indistinguishable twin girls, but the Rat has remained behind, despite his efforts to leave both the town and his girlfriend. The narrator finds himself haunted by memories of his own doomed relationship but also, more bizarrely, by his short-lived obsession with playing pinball in J’s Bar. This sends him on a quest to find the exact model of pinball machine he had enjoyed playing years earlier: the three-flipper Spaceship.


Murakami fans will no doubt delight in this new publication. For newcomers, these early works are an excellent introduction to a writer who has since become one of the most influential novelists of his generation

Hannah Beckerman, Observer

Murakami’s way of making emotionally resonant images and symbols bump around on the page, and in one’s mind, remains fresh, miraculously, more than 35 years on

Jerome Boyd Maunsell, Evening Standard

Wind/Pinball is a fresh, heart-warming dose of the Japanese master


To read a Murakami book is to feel comforted by the familiarity and predictability of its strangeness. These are Murakami’s two earliest novels and so, like archaeological artefacts, they detail the early construction of his now-famous style.

Claire Kohda Hazelton, The Times Literary Supplement

quintessential Murakami… an excellent introduction to a writer who has since become one of the most influential novelists of his generation

Guardian, Hannah Beckerman

This two-for-the-price-of-one hardback really is something special… The decorative covers are exquisite, but it is the literature between them that cemented Murakami as one of the world’s most celebrated writers

Dan Lewis, Travel Guide

Early Murakami isn’t Murakami-in-the-making, it’s already and entirely Murakami

Ian Sansom, Guardian

bizarre and often surreal, these stories act as an intriguing exploration into Murakami’s wacky mind and thought processes


Wind/Pinball makes a great introduction to Murakami for new readers, and is a real treat for long-time fans

Brendan Wright, Nudge

From the very beginning, it seems, Murakami has had the ability to make a story in which nothing happens seem completely irresistible. And to make almost any degree of bizarreness seem completely natural


Both are honest and witty novels, colourfully written as ever, and come highly recommended to Murakami fans.

Luke Owain Boult, Buzz

The introduction alone makes Wind Pinball worth reading… Two perfectly shaped novellas, as experimental and pleasantly offbeat as they are easy to enjoy in Ted Goosen’s crystalline translation… Both tales showcase the loneliness and erotic pull that paint the sets of so many of Murakami’s surreal stages.

Nora Mahony, Irish Times

Which other author can remind you simultaneously of Fyodor Dostoyevsky and JK Rowling, not merely within the same chapter but on the same page?


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    May 16, 2016


    336 pages

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