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Sean Fitzpatrick played for the best rugby team on the planet, the All Blacks. His aggressive, uncompromising approach made him one of the greatest players ever. Ruthless, devious and compelling to watch, he was a one-man wrecking machine.
He was also an inspirational leader. Between 1986 and 1997, he played 128 matches for the All Blacks, 92 of those test matches, and a record 51 as captain. In his long and illustrious international rugby career, Fitzpatrick set the benchmark for excellence.
Winning Matters is a fascinating insight into the mind of a legend. In a candid, conversational tone, Fitzpatrick reflects on the key moments and meetings of his life, identifying everyday values, beliefs and principles that have driven him, both on and off the pitch.
Part autobiography, part self-help, part business how-to, Winning Matters offers the reader an understanding of what makes Fitzpatrick tick – his strategies for success in all aspects of life, and how we can all learn from them. It is an easy but inspirational guide to being the best we can be.
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