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The Afghan Campaign
The Afghan Campaign Steven Pressfield
The bloody, brutal, brilliant new novel of men at war from the master of the genre.
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Night Of Knives
Night Of Knives Ian C Esslemont
The debut novel from the co-creator of Steven Erikson's brilliantly-imagined world of Malaz.
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Warrior Allan Mallinson
In South Africa, Matthew Hervey clashes with the Warrior King of the Zulu.
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Two Brothers
Two Brothers Ben Elton
A deeply poignant novel set in Berlin between 1920 and 1945
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The Odin Mission
The Odin Mission James Holland
The first novel in the highly commercial new series featuring Sergeant Jack Tanner.
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Exit Wound
Exit Wound Andy McNab
The breathtaking new Nick Stone thriller from the bestselling author of Bravo Two Zero
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Killing Rommel
Killing Rommel Steven Pressfield
North Africa, 1942: an elite British Army unit is on a deadly mission…
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Aphrodite's War
Aphrodite's War Andrea Busfield
An evocative story of war, tragedy and passion, perfect for fans of Margaret Cezair-Thompson
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Crooked Heart
Crooked Heart Lissa Evans
From the bestselling author of Old Baggage, longlisted for the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction, 2015.
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The Blighted Cliffs Edwin Thomas
Move over Harry Flashman, there's a new cad in town! The first in the Martin Jerrold series of historical adventure novels in the vein of Flashman and Sharpe.
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Treason's River
Treason's River Edwin Thomas
Book three in the reluctant adventures of Martin Jerrold.
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The Guardship
The Guardship James Nelson
A thrilling new naval adventure about a brave man with a secret past.
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The Blackbirder
The Blackbirder James Nelson
More thrilling adventures for Captain Thomas Marlowe on the high seas.
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The Pirate Round
The Pirate Round James Nelson
The third book in the acclaimed BRETHREN OF THE COAST trilogy
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On His Majesty's Service
On His Majesty's Service Allan Mallinson
In the Eastern Balkans, Matthew Hervey faces bloody war with the Turks
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By Force Of Arms
By Force Of Arms James Nelson
The first in his enthralling REVOLUTION AT SEA series, set during America's War of Independence
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The Monster's Lament
The Monster's Lament Robert Edric
An extraordinary imagining of the dark arts in war-torn London from one of the most brilliant literary talents around
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The Maddest Idea
The Maddest Idea James Nelson
A powerful saga of the American Revolution - a stirring maritime adventure in the epic, true-to-life tradition of Patrick O'Brian.
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The Continental Risque
The Continental Risque James Nelson
Book Three in the Revolution at Sea series - a stirring maritime adventure in the epic, true-to-life tradition of Patrick O'Brian.
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Lords Of The Ocean
Lords Of The Ocean James Nelson
The fourth book in the enthralling REVOLUTION AT SEA saga.
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All The Brave Fellows
All The Brave Fellows James Nelson
The triumphant finale to the REVOLUTION AT SEA saga
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Glory In The Name
Glory In The Name James Nelson
A stunning new novel about the Confederate Navy
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Thieves Of Mercy
Thieves Of Mercy James Nelson
A stunning novel about the Confederate Navy and the follow up to Glory in the Name.
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