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The Mistresses of Cliveden
The Mistresses of Cliveden Natalie Livingstone
Five women. One house. One extraordinary history.
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The Final Season
The Final Season Nigel McCrery
A moving narrative history of the professional footballers who fought and died in World War I, with a foreword by Gary Lineker.
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John and George
John and George John Dolan
The incredible true story of how one man turned his life around through the companionship of his best friend.
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Revolution Russell Brand
Russell Brand wants YOU to join the revolution.
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HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton
HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton Jonathan Allen, Amie Parnes
The true story behind one of the greatest political comebacks in history and a behind-the-scenes look at the woman who nearly became the first female president of America.
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Reborn Katie Price
Katie Price returns with this incredible new instalment of her life in the public eye.
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The Best of Benn
The Best of Benn Tony Benn
The definitive collection of diaires, memoirs, speeches, letters and other writings by Tony Benn.
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Inside Alcatraz
Inside Alcatraz Jim Quillen
One man's account of life inside Alcatraz, from desperation to redemption.
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One of the Family
One of the Family Maureen Flanagan
The true life story of two women, Maureen 'Flan' Flanagan and her best friend Violet Kray, whose influence strongly shaped the lives of Ronnie and Reggie Kray.
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Red Platoon
Red Platoon Clinton Romesha
The awe-inspiring true story of a US platoon’s brutal struggle against a Taliban attack in 2009 as told by the man who fought to defend his men, Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha
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Journals 1982
Journals 1982 Anthony Powell
During the eighties, while working on a novel which had become 'stuck', Anthony Powell, one of the greatest of twentieth-century Enlgish novelists, began writing a journal. Gossipy, delightful, sometimes barbed, these journals give a fascinating insight into the writer's life: the people he met, the places her visited and the parties he went to. The acute intelligence and wit which has made A Dance to the Music of Time one of the best loved novels in English is ever-present in these papers, where the reader will encounter Osbert Lancaster, Kingsley Amis, Philip Larkin, Lord Longford - all viewed with affection and a startling frankness.
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It's All Going Wonderfully Well
It's All Going Wonderfully Well Rosa Hoskins
An honest and beautiful memoir of a daughter’s love for her father, the actor Bob Hoskins
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James Connolly
James Connolly Sean O'Callaghan
FROM THE FORMER IRA MEMBER AND AUTHOR OF THE INFORMER, SEAN O'CALLAGHAN 'Very interesting on how fanaticism can develop within a community, and especially relevant today.' Bob Geldof The story of revolutionary James Connolly, his role in the 1916 Easter Rising, and his subsequent influence both on O'Callaghan himself, and on 20th century Irish politics.
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The Light Between Us
The Light Between Us Laura Lynne Jackson
In The Light Between Us, renowned psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson shares her incredible story, and teaches us how we can also look for messages from our loved ones who have passed.
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What Would Beyoncé Do?!
What Would Beyoncé Do?! Luisa Omielan
Stand-up comedian Luisa Omielan's story of how she turned her life around with one simple mantra: What Would Beyoncé Do?!
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Set the Boy Free
Set the Boy Free Johnny Marr
The autobiography of one the most influential guitarists and artists of all time.
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M Henry Hemming
Revealed in full for the first time, the extraordinary life of Maxwell Knight, MI5’s greatest spymaster
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The Shepherd's Bush Murders
The Shepherd's Bush Murders Nick Russell-Pavier
August 1966 - Harry Roberts, a hardened criminal known for his unflinching violence, murders three unarmed police officers in cold blood. This is the chilling examination of a crime that would come to haunt the nation forever - 50 years on, Nick Russell-Pavier examines the killers behind the ruthless murders.
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Rinder's Rules
Rinder's Rules Robert Rinder
Robert Rinder, star of the hit TV show Judge Rinder, delivers his verdict on dos and don'ts of complaints and everyday legal issues.
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Scout, Atticus & Boo
Scout, Atticus & Boo Mary McDonagh Murphy
A celebration of To Kill a Mockingbird; this book is a collection of interviews conducted by the Emmy Award-winning producer, Mary McDonagh Murphy. This book commemorates one of our most loved novels through compelling interviews with the likes of James Patterson, Anna Quindlen and Oprah Winfrey.
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My Fight Your Fight
My Fight Your Fight Ronda Rousey
The inspirational memoir from the world's most dominant athlete
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Not Dead Yet: The Autobiography
Not Dead Yet: The Autobiography Phil Collins
The long-awaited autobiography from Phil Collins, one of the bestselling music artists of all time. This is the rollercoaster journey from his beginnings as a child actor to his domination of the charts both as a solo artist and as part of Genesis. His success is astounding, his music has global reach and his story is legendary
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The Romford Pelé
The Romford Pelé Ray Parlour
The hilarious autobiography of the Arsenal legend. A must-read for Arsenal fans - and for readers of I am Zlatan and How Not to be a Professional Footballer. ‘In my football career I have never come across anyone else quite like Ray. It's simple - everybody loved him. Honestly I did not always understand his jokes because he spoke in Cockney. Even if I didn't understand it everybody laughed’ Arsene Wenger
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Shepherds and Butchers
Shepherds and Butchers Chris Marnewick
A gripping true crime story set in apartheid South Africa - soon to be a critically acclaimed Netflix film in 2017 starring Steve Coogan
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