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A Moment of War
A Moment of War Laurie Lee
A Moment of War is the powerful final book in the acclaimed trilogy that began with Cider with Rosie.
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A Mother's Reckoning
A Mother's Reckoning Sue Klebold
A powerful and haunting book that sheds light on one of the most pressing issues of our time.
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A Mother's War
A Mother's War Yvonne Collinson Heath
The powerful story of an extraordinary woman who overcame her demons to find love and raise a son, only to see him cruelly taken from her within weeks of his joining the Army, and the decade-long search for answers that followed
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A Name on a Wall
A Name on a Wall Mark Byford
A unique book about duty, heroism and fate and the lasting legacy, 45 years on, of America’s most divisive war of the twentieth century
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A Nice Little Place On The North Side
A Nice Little Place On The North Side George Will
Now in paperback, the New York Times bestselling hundred-year history of America’s most beloved baseball park, Wrigley Field, by the author of baseball classics Men at Work and Bunts
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A Sense of Freedom
A Sense of Freedom Jimmy Boyle
The bestselling classic of gangs, prisons and redemption
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A Series Of Catastrophes And Miracles
A Series Of Catastrophes And Miracles Mary Elizabeth Williams
A wry, witty account of what it is like to face death -- and be restored to life. This inspiring memoir chronicles acclaimed Salon journalist Mary Elizabeth Williams' incredible victory over malignant melanoma. Personal, intimate, and exquisitely reported, her book illuminates the new science of immunotherapy, a breakthrough drug protocol just approved by the FDA that is slated to change the face of cancer research.
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A Sister's Secret
A Sister's Secret Debbie Grafham
A heartbreaking true story of two sisters who were abused by their neighbour and a secret that nearly destroyed them
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A Stain in the Blood
A Stain in the Blood Joe Moshenska
A revelatory new history of the seventeenth-century world through the life of one of the greatest Englishmen who ever lived.
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A Survival Guide for Life
A Survival Guide for Life Bear Grylls
How to make every day an adventure
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A Volunteer Nurse on the Western Front
A Volunteer Nurse on the Western Front Olive Dent
Classic WWI nursing memoir used as a key source of historical detail and inspiration by makers of The Crimson Field, a major, returning 6 x 60 drama debuting on BBC1 in March 2014.
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A Year in the Merde
A Year in the Merde Stephen Clarke
Self-published in France, and a subsequent bestseller, the hilarious story of a year in the life of a young Englishman abroad.
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Accept The Challenge – The Autobiography
Accept The Challenge – The Autobiography Leigh Matthews, Leigh M Blucher
A true football legend, this is a hugely long awaited autobiography told with Leigh's customary steel, wry humour and no-holds barred honesty.
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Across Many Mountains
Across Many Mountains Yangzom Brauen
The extraordinary story of three Tibetan woman, whose lives have seen a daring escape from Tibet in the forties, endurance in the refugee camps of India and a remarkable transformation in the West
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Adnan's Story
Adnan's Story Rabia Chaudry
The person who brought the murder case to the attention of the phenomenal Serial podcast reveals Adnan Syed’s story in his words and her own.
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Adrenalized Philip Collen, Chris Epting
A revelatory and redemptive memoir from the lead guitarist of the legendary band Def Leppard - the first book ever written by one of its members. Chronicling the band's extraordinary rise to superstardom and how they've maintained their success for three decades, this is Phil Collen's amazing story.
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After All These Years
After All These Years Mick Foster, Tony Allen
The autobiography of legendary Irish folk duo Foster & Allen
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After Perfect
After Perfect Christina McDowell
The other side of The Wolf of Wall Street story, by a daughter whose father destroyed his family.
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Against Wind And Tide
Against Wind And Tide Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Now in paperback, the sixth and final collection of Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s journals and letters.
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