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Look At The Dark
Look At The Dark Nicholas Mosley
A witty and engaging new novel from a previous winner of the Whitbread Book of the Year.
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Nothing, Doting, Blindness
Nothing, Doting, Blindness Henry Green
A contemporary of Evelyn Waugh, admired by Elizabeth Bowen and W.H. Auden, Henry Green is a neglected master of 20th century literature who is ripe for rediscovery.
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Little Criminals
Little Criminals Gene Kerrigan, David Cohen
An Irish story of violence and suspense, crime and corruption.
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Rules For Old Men Waiting
Rules For Old Men Waiting Peter Pouncey
'A deeply sensual, moving, thrilling novel... calls for a second and third reading - it is that rich.' Frank McCourt, author of Anglela's Ashes.
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The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs
The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs Irvine Welsh
'An exquisitely paced black comedy. It has clever and funny things to say. There was a rumour that Welsh's last book, Porno, was to be his last. You'll be glad it wasn't' Evening Standard
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Seven Lies
Seven Lies James Lasdun
A superb second novel looking at the nature of deceit and desire.
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The Midnight Choir
The Midnight Choir Gene Kerrigan
A magnificant follow up to Little Criminals. Frightening, violent, unputdownable
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Patrick's Alphabet
Patrick's Alphabet Michael Symmons Roberts
Thrilling first novel by award-winning poet
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Truth and Consequences
Truth and Consequences Alison Lurie
Highly enjoyable novel - witty and subtle - about natural-born-carers (those with a mission to look after other people) and their relationships with natural-born-egotists (those who demand to be cared for).
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Kept D J Taylor
Madness, greed, love, obsession, Machiavellian plotting and a great train robbery in a captivating Victorian mystery about the extreme and curious things men do to get - and keep - what they want.
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Dancing In The Dark
Dancing In The Dark Caryl Phillips
A brilliant and affecting novel based on the tragic life of a hero of American entertainment.
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Burma Boy
Burma Boy Biyi Bandele
An intense, moving and funny tale of African soldiers in World War II, the first novel to bring narrative light to this neglected history.
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The Stolen Child
The Stolen Child Keith Donohue
Inspired by the poem by W.B. Yeats about the common folk legend of the fairy changelings, this beguiling and truly original tale moves from contemporary America to nineteenth-century Germany and deep into humankind's most basic fantasies and fears
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Sea Otters Gambolling In The Wild, Wild Surf
Sea Otters Gambolling In The Wild, Wild Surf John Bennett
A wildly inventive first novel by a truly exceptional new writer. Candide meets Jack and the Beanstalk.
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High John The Conqueror
High John The Conqueror Jim Younger
A brilliantly original novel set in a dystopian future London.
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Matters Of Life & Death
Matters Of Life & Death Bernard MacLaverty
The finest short story collection yet from a contemporary master of the form
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Don't Call It Night
Don't Call It Night Amos Oz
'Vivid, convincing and haunting' New York Times
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My Life as a Man
My Life as a Man Philip Roth
'Roth's best.... No writer alive can sustain a full-length novel at as high a decibel level as Philip Roth' Newsweek
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These Demented Lands
These Demented Lands Alan Warner
'Alan Warner has a gift greater than the gift of telling a story. He can make what he chooses to tell us seem like a story we were waiting to hear' Adam Mars-Jones, Observer
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Sabbath's Theater
Sabbath's Theater Philip Roth
'A postwar American masterpiece' - Daily Telegraph
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Holiday Stanley Middleton
The Booker Prize-winning Novel
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