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100 Bullets Book Four
100 Bullets Book Four Brian Azzarello
The fourth volume of the best-selling graphic novel series 100 Bullets, written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso.
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113 Minutes
113 Minutes James Patterson
BookShots are short, high-impact stories by James Patterson and other writers that can be read in one sitting. Each and every one is fast-paced, 100% story-driven; a shot of pure and satisfying entertainment. Available as compact paperbacks, ebooks and audio.
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14th Deadly Sin
14th Deadly Sin James Patterson
The new bestseller in James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series
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15th Affair
15th Affair James Patterson
Love, war and espionage in this gripping Women's Murder Club thriller
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16th Seduction
16th Seduction James Patterson
Detective Lindsay Boxer faces a heart-stopping threat in the newest Women's Murder Club thriller
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3" Marc-Antoine Mathieu
A thrillingly inventive visual mystery, told in 3 seconds - it's up to you to provide the solution
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A Bitter Taste
A Bitter Taste Annie Hauxwell
A Bitter Taste, the new Catherine Berlin novel from Annie Hauxwell is fast-paced, addictive crime spiked with grit and grunge. 
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A Body in Barcelona
A Body in Barcelona Jason Webster
When a body is found in a Valencian orange grove, the stakes are high for DI Max Cámara – and the whole of Spain
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A Brew to Kill: A Coffeehouse Mystery Book 11
A Brew to Kill: A Coffeehouse Mystery Book 11 Cleo Coyle
Greenwich Village coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi is rolling with a popular new trend, until someone close to her is driven to kill
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A Broth of Betrayal: A Soup Lover's Mystery Book 2
A Broth of Betrayal: A Soup Lover's Mystery Book 2 Connie Archer
Even a town called Snowflake, Vermont, has a summer season. In August, Lucky Jamieson’s By the Spoonful serves chilled soups—celery and green onion, cream of asparagus—and salads. The shop also serves as a gathering place to talk about cold-blooded murder…
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A Christmas Party
A Christmas Party Georgette Heyer
‘Tis the season to find whodunit … Georgette Heyer's classic Country House Christmas mystery. Perfect for fans of Mystery in White by J Jefferson Farjeon, and the novels of Dorothy L Sayers.
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A Churn for the Worse: Amish Mystery Book 5
A Churn for the Worse: Amish Mystery Book 5 Laura Bradford
The national bestselling author of Suspendered Sentence returns to  Heavenly, Pennsylvania, where shop owner Claire Weatherly and Detective Jakob Fisher must put on their thinking kapps to solve a string of robberies and a murder in the Amish community . . . 
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A Climate of Fear
A Climate of Fear Fred Vargas
In the new novel from France's bestselling crime writer, Inspector Adamsberg investigates a series of strange murders linked to a secretive society
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A Clockwork Orange
A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess
This special edition of A Clockwork Orange restores the text of Anthony Burgess' novel as he originally wrote it, and includes a glossary of his teen slang 'Nadsat', pages from the original typescript, explanatory notes, interviews, articles and reviews, shedding light on the enduring fascination of the book's 'sweet and juicy criminality'.
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A Clue in the Stew: A Soup Lover's Mystery Book 5
A Clue in the Stew: A Soup Lover's Mystery Book 5 Connie Archer
Soup shop owner Lucky Jamieson stirs up more trouble in the latest mystery from the national bestselling author of Ladle to the Grave.
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A Cookbook Conspiracy: A Bibliophile Mystery Book 7
A Cookbook Conspiracy: A Bibliophile Mystery Book 7 Kate Carlisle
It’s a recipe for disaster when bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright is asked to restore an antique cookbook . . .
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A Cop's Eyes
A Cop's Eyes Gaku Yakumaru
A linked series of short stories about police detective Natsume whose human touch melts the hearts of recalcitrant suspects and jaded readers alike. Up and coming author Yakumaru's most chiseled work to date, this work will mark his U.S. debut.
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A Crime In Holland
A Crime In Holland Georges Simenon
Outsiders are viewed with suspicion in the small Dutch town of Delfzijl. Maigret, unable to speak the language and a stranger to their strict, church-going way of life, must unearth the sins at the heart of this seemingly respectable community.
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A Dark and Stormy Murder: A Writer's Apprentice Mystery
A Dark and Stormy Murder: A Writer's Apprentice Mystery Julia Buckley
Lena London's literary dreams are coming true—as long as she can avoid any real-life villains . . . 
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A Dark-Adapted Eye
A Dark-Adapted Eye Barbara Vine
Written in 1986, and set against the morally and politically tumultous backdrop of 1940s England, Ruth Rendell's first novel writing as Barbara Vine is a psychological masterpiece, a study in the dangers of a society in thrall to ideas of female respectability.
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