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Edward III And The Triumph Of England
Edward III And The Triumph Of England Richard Barber
England's greatest Plantagenet King, Edward III, ruled for fifty years, triumphing at the battle of Crécy and transforming his nation into one of the most formidable military forces in Europe.
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Iron Curtain
Iron Curtain Anne Applebaum
Iron Curtain is an exceptional work of historical and moral reckoning, and a haunting reminder of how fragile freedom can be.
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The Republic
The Republic Charles Townshend
Charles Townshend's The Republic gets to the truth, painting a far more nuanced and sceptical picture than previous accounts have done - but never losing sight of the ordinary heroism of countless Irish men and women trapped in terrible times.
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China's War With Japan, 1937-1945
China's War With Japan, 1937-1945 Rana Mitter
Mitter puts China at the heart of our understanding of the Second World War - a conflict that continues profoundly to shape China's view of itself and its neighbours today. 
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The English And Their History
The English And Their History Robert Tombs
This book, the first single-volume work on this scale for more than half a century, presents a challenging modern account, bringing out the strength and resilience of English government, the deep patterns of division, and yet also the persistent capacity to come together in the face of danger.
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Napoleon The Great
Napoleon The Great Andrew Roberts
More than any other modern biographer, Andrew Roberts conveys Napoleon's tremendous energy and the attractiveness of his personality, even to his enemies.
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Red Fortress
Red Fortress Catherine Merridale
Catherine Merridale's exceptional book revels in both the drama of the Kremlin and its sheer unexpectedness: an impregnable fortress which has repeatedly been devastated, a symbol of all that is Russian substantially created by Italians.
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Berlin Antony Beevor
Berlin: The Downfall 19145 is Antony Beevor's brilliant account of the fall of the Third Reich.
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World Without End
World Without End Hugh Thomas
The Spanish empire was the greatest the world had seen since Rome. This final volume of Hugh Thomas's acclaimed history describes how conquistadores, viceroys, nobles, judges, inquisitors and priests ran a vast global empire stretching from the Americas to the Philippines, in an extraordinary epic of war, riches and religion. 
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Rivers Of Gold
Rivers Of Gold Hugh Thomas
In this epic history Hugh Thomas brings Spain's rise to empire vividly to life, capturing the spirit of an ebullient age.
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Christian Beginnings
Christian Beginnings Geza Vermes
Christian Beginnings pulls apart myths and misunderstandings to focus on the true figure of Jesus, and the birth of one of the world's major religions.
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Britain Against Napoleon
Britain Against Napoleon Roger Knight
For more than twenty years after 1793, the French army was supreme in continental Europe. How did Britain survive and eventually win a generation-long war against a regime which at its peak commanded many times the resources?
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The Paper Trail
The Paper Trail Alexander Monro
This is the story of how the book you are holding came to be. It is the history of how a simple Chinese invention has wrapped itself around our world for over two millennia, along the Silk Road, through the Renaissance, the Reformation and beyond, enabling history's most momentous ideas to flourish.
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Common People
Common People Alison Light
Epic in scope and deep in feeling, Common People is a family history but also a new kind of public history, following the lives of the migrants who travelled the country looking for work. 
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