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Microcosm Norman Davies, Roger Moorhouse
'A fascinating story' Antony Beevor, Spectator
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Captives Linda Colley
'Captives is a major work: a complete reappraisal of a period, strikingly original in both theme and form, mixing narrative and fine descriptive prose with analysis in an entirely fresh and gripping way-It will undoubtedly confirm Colley's reputation not only as one of the most exciting historians of her generation, but also one of the most interesting writers of non-fiction around.' William Dalr
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Give The Anarchist A Cigarette
Give The Anarchist A Cigarette Mick Farren
A superb memoir by a key member of the 1960s and '70s counterculture in Britain
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April Blood
April Blood Lauro Martines
'Wonderfully readable-has the ingredients of a Mafia thriller' Daily Telegraph
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Reform! Edward Pearce
'An attractively vivid and racy account of events that otherwise might have run the risk of possessing a distinctly musty flavour.' Anthony Howard, Sunday Times
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The Messiah Myth
The Messiah Myth Thomas L Thompson
A provocative study that argues that the biblical characters of Jesus and David should be viewed not as historical figures, but as embodiments of Babylonian, Egyptian, and Near Eastern mythology.
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Nine Suitcases Bela Zsolt
Banned in Hungary until 1980, Nine Suitcases is one of the first - and greatest - memoirs of the Holocaust ever written. When Bela Zsolt first published it as a newspaper serial, there was no 'Holocaust literature'.
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The Forgotten Man
The Forgotten Man Amity Shlaes
From one of America's most respected economic commentators comes a fresh new interpretation of a crucial yet widely misunderstood moment in American history - the Great Depression
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Witnesses Of War
Witnesses Of War Nicholas Stargardt
A major and original work of history - acclaimed in hardback - which investigates the lives of children under the Nazis.
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Clouds Of Glory
Clouds Of Glory Bryan Magee
Enormously attractive memoir of a working-class childhood in the 1930s by Bryan Magee - journalist, academic, philosopher, radio and television broadcaster, member of parliament and writer.
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Rome Or Death
Rome Or Death Daniel Pick
Captivating micro-history / micro-biography of General Garibaldi and his thwarted attempt to divert the fetid Tiber from Rome.
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Britain's Gulag
Britain's Gulag Caroline Elkins
A controversial and authoritative account of the waning days of British Empire in Kenya, and the little known destruction of thousands of Kenyans at the hands of the British.
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The Enemy at the Gate
The Enemy at the Gate Andrew Wheatcroft
Major historian Andrew Wheatcroft reveals the full story of four centuries of Ottoman incursions into the heartlands of Europe, culminating in the momentous 1683 Siege of Vienna.
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Downing Street Diary Volume Two
Downing Street Diary Volume Two Bernard Donoughue
The second volume of Bernard Donoughue's fascinating politcial diaries
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Postwar Tony Judt
A magisterial and acclaimed history of Europe in our time, by one of our leading historians.
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The Closing Of The Western Mind Charles Freeman
'Entertaining... An excellent and readable account of the development of Christian doctrine' New York Times
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Codename Tricycle
Codename Tricycle Russell Miller
A gripping and colourful portrait of a celebrated, glamorous, and daring double-agent - possibly the inspiration for James Bond - who epitomised everything we associate with the life of the spy.
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Cadillac Desert Marc Reisner
A classic work of history and investigative journalism - a history of the American West written from a new and original perspective.
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Rome 44 Raleigh Trevelyan
A readable and unique book which combines the skills of an historian with the vivid immediacy of an eye-witness
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Fascism Roger Eatwell
'A solid-history of the movement in Italy and Germany, where it took root, and France and Britain, where it failed to flourish.'Ian Thomson, The Guardian 'Mr Eatwell is a learned and careful scholar who has read a formidable list of sources, often very recondite, and he handles his material judiciously'Hugh Trevor-Roper, Sunday Telegraph
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Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon Pam Hirsch
The first biography of the passionate and unconventional Victorian feminist leader and artist, George Eliot's best friend.
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The Hitler Emigrés
The Hitler Emigrés Daniel Snowman
'A wonderful, inspiring story-Daniel Snowman has told the extraordinarily moving story very well.' Philip Henscher, Spectator
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