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Villa And Zapata
Villa And Zapata Frank McLynn
A fascinating history of the Mexican Revolution, told through a dual biography of its legendary heroes, Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.
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Wagons West
Wagons West Frank McLynn
A key, defining era in American history, full of extraordinary stories and larger than life characters.'A lengthy, grim, superbly written and meticulously evoked tale of one of the greatest and most historically significant mass human migrations in history-the paperback could be as big as I Buried my Heart at Wounded Knee.' Steve Grant, Independent on Sunday
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The Unknown American Revolution
The Unknown American Revolution Gary B Nash
In a boldy original and immensely vivid narrative, a leading historian explores the blaze of radical ideas and agendas that fired Americans to rise up and throw off the British yoke.
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Blitzkrieg Len Deighton
Len Deighton casts a brilliant light on the rise of Hitler, the lightning dash of his armies to the Channel coast in 1940 and on the debacle of Dunkirk - the crucial and fundamental turning point of World War II.
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Stanley Frank McLynn
'He has built up the narrative from the widest possible range of sources. He has integrated into a single man's story analyses of almost every subject that touched upon Stanley's life, so that one is finally presented with a portrait not only of an individual, but also an entire society and its ethos-another biography of Stanley will not only be unnecessary, but almost impossible, for years to come.' Mark Cocker, Sunday Telegraph
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Bonnie Prince Charlie Frank McLynn
'The definitive biography which had been needed for so long' - Times Literary Supplement
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Illuminations Walter Benjamin
A legendary collection of essays by one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century
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The Conquest Of Mexico Hugh Thomas
'His story of the conquest, how it happened and why it happened, carries total conviction. He makes what seems like a miracle comprehensible.' J. H. Plumb, Financial Times
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All The King's Women
All The King's Women Derek Wilson
Full of incident and anecdote, this popular narrative history focuses on the crucial involvement in politics and pleasure of a group of women in the back-biting, gossip-ridden world of the Stuart Court.
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Bismarck David J Bercuson, Holger H Herwig
A dramatic retelling of one of the key incidents in the Second World War.
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The Lion and the Unicor
The Lion and the Unicor Richard Aldous
The dramatic confrontation between the two 'mighty opposites' of the Victorian age, brilliantly recreated by a talented young historian.
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In The Lion's Court
In The Lion's Court Derek Wilson
Power, Ambition and Sudden Death in the Reign of Henry VIII Derek Wilson
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The Italian Boy
The Italian Boy Sarah Wise
A fascinating historical investigation that brilliantly illuminates a macabre episode in 1830s London and brings the capital's underclass roaring back to life.
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Behind The Lines
Behind The Lines Russell Miller
This is the story of Special Operations in World War Two as it has never been told before - directly by those who took part.
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A Rumor Of War
A Rumor Of War Philip Caputo
The original Vietnam memoir and a great classic of war literature with a new introduction from Kevin Powers – 40th Anniversary Edition
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Magnum Russell Miller
'The best account of the reality of photo-journalism I have ever read. . An ultra-enjoyable book. . . sheer delight. ' John Simpson, Daily Telegraph.
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Lytton Strachey
Lytton Strachey Michael Holroyd
A work of genius, acknowledged as a landmark in contemporary biography now completely revised and rewritten to tell the FULL story of Strachey, Dora Carrington and Bloomsbury which previous could not be told.
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Gwen Raverat
Gwen Raverat Frances Spalding
A fascinating portrait of Darwin's granddaughter, a key figure in the artistic and intellectual worlds of Cambridge and Bloomsbury.
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A Bright Shining Lie
A Bright Shining Lie Neil Sheehan
'Superb. If you ever read just one history of the Vietnam war, read and admire and celebrate this one. ' John le Carre
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Riding The Retreat
Riding The Retreat Richard Holmes
A classic book from one of the most celebrated military historians.
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African Exodus
The essential statement , by the world's leading authority on the subject, of the thesis that modern humans originated in Africa and spread around the world; and a definitive defence of our common humanity, spiking racist accounts of our origins.
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Downing Street Diary
Downing Street Diary Bernard Donoughue
One of the most extraordinary political diaries of modern times. An intimate and often explosive account of life at the heart of Harold Wilson's government.
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