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The Book Of Tea
The Book Of Tea Kakuzo Okakura
This 1906 guide to the beauty of the tea ceremony is both a paean to the art of simplicity, and a wry critique of the West's view of Japan.
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Hannibal Livy
One of Rome's greatest historians recounts the military genius Hannibal crossing the Alps with twenty-one elephants and winning the famed Battle of the Trebbia.
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The Great Fire Of London
The Great Fire Of London Samuel Pepys
Originally written in code, Pepys' diary includes his unforgettable eyewitness account of the 1666 Fire.
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Anthem For Doomed Youth
Anthem For Doomed Youth Wilfred Owen
The great First World War poet portrays first-hand the horror, devastation and futility of the trenches.
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Caligula Suetonius
The original biography of the murderous, crazed and incestuous Roman emperor Caligula – who pronounced himself a god.
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The Madness Of Cambyses
The Madness Of Cambyses Herodotus Herodotus, Herodotus
Weaving factual account with colourful myth, the 'father of history' tells of the psychotic Persian king - and his fateful death.
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Of Street Piemen
Of Street Piemen Henry Mayhew
The matchless chronicler of Victorian Londoners observes everything from surprise pie-fillings to a balloon-ride over the city.
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