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A History Of God
A History Of God Karen Armstrong
The bestselling and seminal work from one of our foremost commentators on religion.
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A Test Of Time
A Test Of Time David Rohl
The Bible from myth to mystery
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Aled Jones' Forty Favourite Hymns
Aled Jones' Forty Favourite Hymns Aled Jones
The fascinating and true stories of how forty of our favourite hymns were written and composed, written by the effervescent and hugely popular Aled Jones now in paperback
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Inspirational stories from ordinary people's encounters with angels, introduced by Gloria Hunniford, one of the UK's favourite TV personalities.
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Angels in My Hair
Angels in My Hair Lorna Byrne
The true story of a modern-day Irish mystic
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Called Out of Darkness
Called Out of Darkness Anne Rice
Anne Rice's intimate memoir of her Catholic girlhood, her unmaking as a devout believer and the path back to her faith.
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Christ Jack Miles
In this brilliant and original book Jack Miles explores the life of Jesus as an episode in the story of God. Writing neither as a theologian nor as an historian but as a literary critic, Miles has written one of the most original responses to the Bible for years, as much for readers who respect the New Testament as a cornerstone of world literature as it is for Christians.
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From Eden To Exile David Rohl
The stories of the Old Testament retold from a modern, historical perspective
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Hands of an Angel
Hands of an Angel Helen Parry Jones
The extraordinary true story of a unique woman whose spiritual gifts have brought hope and healing to thousands of people
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How to Win a Cosmic War
How to Win a Cosmic War Reza Aslan
Acclaimed author Reza Aslan dissects two of the most devastating ideologies of our times - Jihadism and the 'War on Terror'.
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Illusions Richard Bach
An inspirational classic novella and mystical adventure story, from the author of the international New York Times bestseller Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Perfect for fans of Nevil Shute's Round the Bend.
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Modern Philosophy Roger Scruton
'Anyone interested in philosophy should read this book' Nicholas Bagnall, Sunday Telegraph
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Netherworld Robert Temple
The extraordinary discovery of the Underworld of the ancient Greeks.
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No God But God
No God But God Reza Aslan
The acclaimed short history of Islam, fully revised and updated to commemorate the ten-year-anniversary of 9/11.
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Republic of Lies
Republic of Lies Anna Merlan
From UFOs to the New World Order, this is the inside story of how conspiracy theorists won over America
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Supernatural Graham Hancock
FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS meets Carlos Castaneda in the most exciting development in alternative history for over a decade.
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The Book Of Hiram
The Book Of Hiram Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas
A sequel to the bestselling The Hiram Key
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The Book of Joy. The Sunday Times Bestseller
The Book of Joy. The Sunday Times Bestseller Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu
Two spiritual giants. Seven days. One timeless question.
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The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception
The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh
A thrilling revelatory account of the Church's conspiracy to suppress thre true contents of The Dead Sea Scrolls: the documents that could change the entire truth behind modern Christianity.
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The Devil
The Devil Peter Stanford
Brilliant, original and controversial study of the Devil throughout history, right up to the present day.
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The Egypt Code
The Egypt Code Robert Bauval
Cracking the secret codes of the monuments of ancient Eygpt
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The Elixir And The Stone
The Elixir And The Stone Richard Leigh, Michael Baigent
An alternative history of the intellectual world.
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