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A Celtic Miscellany
A Celtic Miscellany Jackson Kenneth Hurlstone
Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson's translation skilfully conveys the astonishing imagery and eloquence of Celtic literature. This edition includes a preface, maps, separate introductions to each section and detailed notes.
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A History Of The Crusades I
A History Of The Crusades I Steven Runciman
An enthralling work of grand historical narrative, Steven Runciman's A History of the Crusades overturned the traditional view of the Crusades as a romantic Christian adventure, and instead shifted the focus of the story to the East.
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A Short History Of Decay
A Short History Of Decay E. M. Cioran
Witty and nihilistic essays from one of Central Europe's most remarkable philosophers.
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A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman Mary Wollstonecraft
New to the Penguin Pocket Hardbacks series - books that have changed the history of thought, in sumptuous, clothbound editions.
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Ancient Rhetoric: From Aristotle to Philostratus
Ancient Rhetoric: From Aristotle to Philostratus thomas habinek
A new and original anthology that introduces the use of rhetoric in the classical world, from Aristotle to Cicero and beyond.
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Anecdotes Of The Cynics
Anecdotes Of The Cynics Anon
What makes us happy? For over 800 years the Cynic philosophers of ancient Greece and Rome argued that the answer lay in a simple, self-sufficient life.
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Beyond Good And Evil
Beyond Good And Evil Friedrich Nietzsche
Beyond Good and Evil demonstrates that the world is steeped in false piety and infected with a 'slave morality'. With wit and subversive energy, Nietzsche demands that the individual impose their own 'will to power' upon the world.
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Brand Luther
Brand Luther Andrew Pettegree
Publishing in advance of the Reformation’s 500th anniversary, Brand Luther fuses the history of religion, of printing, and of capitalism—the literal marketplace of ideas—into one enthralling story, revolutionizing our understanding of one of the pivotal figures and eras in human history.
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City Of God
City Of God Saint Augustine
St Augustine, bishop of Hippo, was one of the central figures in the history of Christianity, and City of God is one of his greatest theological works.
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Civilization And Its Discontents
Civilization And Its Discontents Sigmund Freud
Freud's epoch-making insights revolutionized our perception of who we are, forming the foundation for psychoanalysis. In Civilization and its Discontents he considers the incompatibility of civilization and individual happiness.
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Conversations Of Socrates
Conversations Of Socrates Xenophon
After the execution of Socrates in 399 BC, a number of his followers wrote dialogues featuring him as the protagonist and, in so doing, transformed the great philosopher into a legendary figure.
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