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The Greek Myths
The Greek Myths Robert Graves
Definitive, comprehensive and unparalleled - a fresh look for Graves's classic retelling of the Greek Myths
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Greek And Roman Political Ideas
Greek And Roman Political Ideas Melissa Lane
In Greek and Roman Political Ideas, acclaimed classics scholar Melissa Lane introduces the reader to the foundations of Western political thought, from the Greeks, who invented democracy, to the Romans, who created a republic and then transformed it into an empire.
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On Liberty
On Liberty Shami Chakrabarti
Since 9/11, governments have told us to sacrifice some freedoms for greater security. In this highly personal, impassioned defence of fundamental human rights, Shami Chakrabarti, the Director of Liberty, draws on her own campaigning experience to argue that our civil liberties aren't disposable - they matter more than ever. 
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Christendom Destroyed
Christendom Destroyed Mark Greengrass
The years following the Reformation were a time of tumultuous change, as Europe was torn apart. Christendom Destroyed is the rich, compelling history of an era that saw spiritual and intellectual upheaval, savage wars and revolution, yet also the birth of Europe as we know it. 
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How The Mind Works
How The Mind Works Steven Pinker
How the Mind Works explores every aspect of mental life, showing that our minds are not a mystery, but a system of organs of computation designed by natural selection. 
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Ardor Roberto Calasso
This is the ardor of the Vedic world, a burning intensity that is always present, both in the mind and in the cosmos. With his signature erudition and profound sense of the past, Calasso explores the enigmatic web of ritual and myth that define the Vedas. Often at odds with modern thought, he shows how these texts illuminate the nature of consciousness more than neuroscientists have been able to offer us up to now.
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Who Rules The World?
Who Rules The World? Noam Chomsky
The most influential political writer alive today presents a state-of-the-world look at America's global power and politics.
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All Things Made New
All Things Made New Diarmaid MacCulloch
All Things Made New shows MacCulloch at his best - learned, far-seeing, sometimes subversive, and often witty.
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The Case Of The Pope
The Case Of The Pope Geoffrey Robertson, Geoffrey Robertson QC
The Case of the Pope delivers a devastating indictment of the way the Vatican has been wrongly elevated to statehood and allowed to exploit its powers...
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The Soul Of The Marionette
The Soul Of The Marionette John Gray
Everyone thinks they want to be free - or do they? John Gray's thought-stirring new book on freedom draws together insights from Gnosticism, science fiction, ancient sacrifice and the occult to show that freedom is an illusion and that, like fairground puppets, humans dream of escaping the burden of choice altogether.
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Intuition Pumps And Other Tools For Thinking
Intuition Pumps And Other Tools For Thinking Daniel C. Dennett
Thinking is hard. A few of us may be natural geniuses; others are blessed with reserves of willpower. Then there are the rest of us: not prodigies and short on time, but still aspiring to understand the world. What can we do?
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How The French Think
How The French Think Sudhir Hazareesingh
The French: orderly and anarchic, serious and frivolous, charming and infuriating, rational and mystical, pessimistic, pleasure-loving - and perhaps more than any other people, intellectual. From philosophers to Asterix, this original and entertaining book shows just exactly what makes the French so . . . French.
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The Sweetness Of Life
The Sweetness Of Life Françoise Héritier
Whatever you love, this book is an invitation to cherish the lightness and grace of existence; to taste fully the joy of being alive.
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