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The Roads to Modernity
The Roads to Modernity Gertrude Himmelfarb
A keenly argued and thought-provoking history of the British, French and American Enlightenments by one of Gordon Brown's favourite writers
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Nothing To Be Frightened Of
Nothing To Be Frightened Of Julian Barnes
A brilliant, discursive, very funny book about death and the fear of death, god, nature, nurture and the author's childhood. The closest thing to a memoir Barnes will ever write.
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Moral Clarity
Moral Clarity Susan Neiman
Distinguished scholar, Susan Neiman, argues for a commitment to a more just world that is rationally grounded, implacable and insatiable.
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The Undiscovered Country
The Undiscovered Country Carl Watkins
A fascinating history of the changing – and enduring – beliefs about death, and what lies beyond.
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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Frank McLynn
The vivid, magisterial and long-awaited biography of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor - and embodiment of the philosopher's king - whose life and works still speak to us 2,000 years after his death.
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Ararat Frank Westerman
A brilliant fusion of travel writing with writing about science and religious scepticism.
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Karma Cola
Karma Cola Gita Mehta
SALES POINTS: * Over 10, 000 of this edition sold. * New issue to coincide with publication of Mehta's new work Snakes and ladders. * Her backlist will be part of a huge Mehta campaign for the new book. * Reissued for the 50th annniversary of Indian Independence. * To be part of the Indian Summer Promotion.
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Pilate Ann Wroe
Anne Wroe's extraordinary and compelling biography of a very elusive figure.
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How to Live
How to Live Sarah Bakewell
Brilliant, original, funny and moving – a vivid portrait of Montaigne, showing how his ideas gave birth to our modern sense of our inner selves, from Shakespeare’s plays to the dilemmas we face today.
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On Penalties
On Penalties Andrew Anthony
"Extremely entertaining and fearlessly erudite" Evening Standard
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The Case for God
The Case for God Karen Armstrong
An essential book for our times: a thoughtful, cultured response to Richard Dawkins
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To a Mountain in Tibet
To a Mountain in Tibet Colin Thubron
Master travel writer with many fans.
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Why Mrs Blake Cried
Why Mrs Blake Cried Marsha Keith Schuchard
A fascinating and new look at the hitherto unknown secret sexual practises of William Blake.
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Joseph Anton
Joseph Anton Salman Rushdie
A frank and compelling account of one of the most extraordinary stories in recent history, from the author of Midnight’s Children.
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Small Is Beautiful
Small Is Beautiful E F Schumacher
A remarkable classic study of world economies, reissued to celebrate the centenary of E F Schumachers birth.
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In the Beginning
In the Beginning Karen Armstrong
The bestselling author brings her peerless powers of examination to one of the most familiar but least understood books of the Bible: the Book of Genesis.
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Grey Eminence
Grey Eminence Aldous Huxley
'A penetrating and vivid biography' Sunday Times
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Building Isaiah Berlin
The third volume of Isaiah Berlin’s remarkable letters takes us from 1960 to 1975
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Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals
Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals Iris Murdoch
'Iris Murdoch has written a book which concerns all of us as human beings. There are pages here that one wants to embrace her for, pages that say things of fundamental human importance in a way that they have never quite been said before' Sunday Telegraph
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