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Advice From A Yogi
Advice From A Yogi Padampa Sangye
This new translation of Padampa Sangye’s One Hundred Verses, beautifully rendered into English, provides timely guidance for people trying to practice the Buddhist path in the workaday world.
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Against Empathy
Against Empathy Paul Bloom
This landmark scientific investigation by one of the world's leading psychologists reveals empathy to be our most dangerous emotion
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Ageless Body, Timeless Mind
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind Deepak Chopra
One of the key Rider backlist titles, specially chosen for the Rider 100 promotion
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All The Rage
All The Rage Andrea Miller
Leading psychologists and meditation teachers explain how mindfulness can help us work with our anger--and ultimately transform it into compassion.
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Always Present
Always Present Jigme Phuntsok
Personal and heartfelt teachings on the Buddhist path by one of the most influential Tibetan lamas of the twentieth century, compiled and edited by an acclaimed Tibetan scholar and leader of a key center of Buddhist learning.
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An Appetite For Wonder: The Making of a Scientist
An Appetite For Wonder: The Making of a Scientist Richard Dawkins
An early memoir from the world's most famous atheist, and scientist.
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An Atheist's History of Belief
An Atheist's History of Belief Matthew Kneale
Forget Dawkins or Hitchens, this is a refreshingly unbiased non-believer's account of WHAT humans have believed across the ages, and WHY.
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Appreciate Your Life
Appreciate Your Life Taizan Maezumi
The Essence of Zen Practice
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Art Of War
Art Of War Thomas Cleary
A collection of essential versions of THE ART OF WAR and illuminating commentaries written by Sun Tzu's successors.
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