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The Round Tower
The Round Tower Catherine Cookson
The award-winning, powerful love story from one of Britain's most popular novelists
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The Glassmaker’s Daughter
The Glassmaker’s Daughter Catherine Cookson
Set in rural Edwardian England, The Glass Virgin is a lavish, romantic upstairs-downstairs drama from a skilled chronicler of the human heart
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Echoes Danielle Steel
Against a vivid backdrop of history, Danielle Steel tells a compelling story of love and war, acts of faith and acts of betrayal…and of three generations of women as they journey though years of loss and survival, linked by an indomitable devotion that echoes across time…
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Mirror Image
Mirror Image Danielle Steel
A novel that explores one of life’s most powerful and mysterious relationships - the bond between identical twins.
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Mixed Blessings
Mixed Blessings Elvi Rhodes
A warm and compelling new novel from the bestselling author of A BLESSING IN DISGUISE
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The Apple Tree Elvi Rhodes
The heartwarming new novel from this bestselling author
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A Blessing In Disguise
A Blessing In Disguise Elvi Rhodes
A new female vicar has to settle in to a village.
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Mulberry Lane Elvi Rhodes
A quiet street in the West Country is scandalised by its new occupants.
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The Birthday Party
The Birthday Party Elvi Rhodes
A landmark birthday brings back memories - not all of them happy
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Midsummer Meeting
Midsummer Meeting Elvi Rhodes
A delightful novel of jealousy, love, new beginnings - and amateur dramatics.
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Spring Music
Spring Music Elvi Rhodes
An inspiring story of a woman who finds a new life for herself.
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Portrait Of Chloe
Portrait Of Chloe Elvi Rhodes
The heartening story of a girl from the north who came south to seek her fortune.
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The Mountain
The Mountain Elvi Rhodes
A powerful love story set against the background of the building of the Yorkshire railways.
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The Bright One
The Bright One Elvi Rhodes
A novel about a woman facing the challenges of a new life A woman faces the challenges of her new life.
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Cara's Land
Cara's Land Elvi Rhodes
One woman's search to find happiness.
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The House Of Bonneau
The House Of Bonneau Elvi Rhodes
The sequel to Madeleine.
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Madeleine Elvi Rhodes
A young girl tries to escape a life of poverty.
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Golden Girls
Golden Girls Elvi Rhodes
The magnificent saga of a mother and three daughters who were known as 'The Golden Girls'.
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Ruth Appleby
Ruth Appleby Elvi Rhodes
Passionate, ambitious, brave - a woman like no other.
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Opal Elvi Rhodes
One woman's fight for a good life for her family.
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The World is a Smaller Place/Whose Baby are You, Babe? (Storycuts)
The World is a Smaller Place/Whose Baby are You, Babe? (Storycuts) Elvi Rhodes
Two short stories: just when everything seems perfect is when everything can change; and an abandoned baby and a lot of secrets.
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Summer Promise/A Gull Named Helen/Children on the Shore (Storycuts)
Summer Promise/A Gull Named Helen/Children on the Shore (Storycuts) Elvi Rhodes
Three short stories: a blissful two-week holiday in France, and a terrible misunderstanding; a boy's grief is lightened by nature; and a life full of choices and new beginnings.
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Festival at Rowdean/A Very Special Painting Class (Storycuts)
Festival at Rowdean/A Very Special Painting Class (Storycuts) Elvi Rhodes
Two short stories: a return home from adventures abroad, and a change of heart; and painters notice the finer details.
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