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The Penguin Book of Brexit Cartoons
The Penguin Book of Brexit Cartoons
A collection of the funniest pocket cartoons about Britain's Great Adventure.
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The Fourth Revolution
The Fourth Revolution Adrian Wooldridge, John Micklethwait
Something has to change.Travelling to some of the fastest-emerging nations, John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge argue that the West needs a new revolution in the history of the state, rethinking the role of government and its place in our lives. 
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Status Anxiety
Status Anxiety Alain de Botton
Do you worry about how well you're doing? Are you envious of your friends' success? Are you suffering from status anxiety?
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The News
The News Alain de Botton
Our lives are saturated with news. But how does it affect us? And how should we read it?
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Two Girls, One On Each Knee
Two Girls, One On Each Knee Alan Connor
This book is a celebration of the ins, outs, ups and downs of the crossword in all its glory, taking in D-Day, Fleet Street, computers, Reggie  Perrin, Brief Encounter, Bletchley Park, Pompeii, swearing, Queen Victoria and the word 'Raisiny'.
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Inside Vogue: My Diary of Vogue's 100th Year
Inside Vogue: My Diary of Vogue's 100th Year Alexandra Shulman
The fascinating and gossipy diary of Vogue's centenary year from its hugely influential Editor-in-chief.
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Spring Ali Smith
Unmissable third instalment in the bestselling, critically adored, dazzling inventive novel cycle, the Seasonal Quartet.
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The Battle For Scotland
The Battle For Scotland Andrew Marr
In The Battle for Scotland, first published in 1992, Andrew Marr provides the historical backdrop to these extraordinary events. He attempts to explain the deep sources of Scottish national feeling and the political will which has brought us to this deeply uncertain time.
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Iron Curtain
Iron Curtain Anne Applebaum
Iron Curtain is an exceptional work of historical and moral reckoning, and a haunting reminder of how fragile freedom can be.
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Berlin Antony Beevor
Berlin: The Downfall 19145 is Antony Beevor's brilliant account of the fall of the Third Reich.
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Stalingrad Antony Beevor
Antony Beevor's Stalingrad is a harrowing look at one of history's darkest moments.
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D-Day Antony Beevor
Antony Beevor's gripping narrative conveys the true experience of war.
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Ardennes 1944
Ardennes 1944 Antony Beevor
The No. 1 Bestseller: Hitler's ill-fated final stand, from the bestselling author of Stalingrad, Berlin and D-Day.
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Things That Can And Cannot Be Said
Things That Can And Cannot Be Said Arundhati Roy, John Cusack
In these provocative and penetrating discussions, Roy and Cusack discuss the nature of the state, empire and surveillance in an era of perpetual war; the meaning of flags and patriotism; the role of foundations and NGOs in limiting dissent; and the ways in which capital but not people can freely cross borders.
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