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A Dark-Adapted Eye: Green Popular Penguins
A Dark-Adapted Eye: Green Popular Penguins Barbara Vine
Vera was prim and fastidious. Eden was beautiful and adored. Like most families they had their secrets...and they hid them under a genteelly respectable veneer. Yet their sisterly bond was strained by obsession, manipulation and murderous . . . 
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A Spy In The House Of Love: Popular Penguins
A Spy In The House Of Love: Popular Penguins Anais Nin
In A Spy in the House of Love, Anais Nin's vision of feminine sexuality is expressed with a ferocious dramatic force.
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A Three-Pipe Problem
A Three-Pipe Problem Julian Symons
Small-time actor Sheridan Haynes has a rather unhealthy preoccupation with Sherlock Holmes. So when the chance comes for him to play the famous detective in a TV series, it seems his dreams have come true.
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ANZAC to Amiens: War Popular Penguins
ANZAC to Amiens: War Popular Penguins C. E. W. Bean
An acknowledged classic of military history, Anzac to Amiens is compelling and compulsory reading for every Australian interested in the nation's bloody  coming of age.
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April Fool's Day: Popular Penguins
April Fool's Day: Popular Penguins Bryce Courtenay
Damon Courtenay died on the morning of April Fool's Day. In this tribute to his son, Bryce Courtenay lays bare the suffering behind this young man's life.
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Australia in Arms
Australia in Arms Phillip Schuler
Australia in Arms is a vivid read and an important part of Australia's Anzac legacy.
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Beneath the Skin: Green Popular Penguins
Beneath the Skin: Green Popular Penguins Nicci French
Three women's lives are stretched to breaking point as they are tracked by a cruel and malicious stalker. Zoe, Jenny and Nadia have nothing in common save the disturbing letters that probe their most vulnerable secrets . . . 
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Berry and Co
Berry and Co Dornford Yates
This collection of short stories featuring 'Berry' Pleydell and his chaotic entourage established Dornford Yates' reputation as one of the best comic writers in a generation, and made him hugely popular.
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Blood and Judgement
Blood and Judgement Michael Gilbert
When the wife of a recently escaped prisoner is found murdered and partially buried near a reservoir, Patrick Petrella, a Metropolitan Police Inspector, is called in.
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Boy: Popular Penguins
Boy: Popular Penguins Roald Dahl
Boy is the story of Roald Dahl's very own boyhood, including tales of sweet-shops and chocolate, mean old ladies and a Great Mouse Plot – the inspiration for some of his most marvellous storybooks in years to come.
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Bulldog Drummond
Bulldog Drummond Sapper
Hungry for adventure following the First World War, Captain Hugh 'Bulldog' Drummond begins a career as the invincible protectorate of his country.
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