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Elmer and the Stranger
Elmer and the Stranger David McKee
Elmer, everyone's favourite patchwork elephant, is about to discover a strange new friend!
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I Don't Want to Go to Hospital!
I Don't Want to Go to Hospital! Tony Ross
A highly entertaining way to help children overcome their fear of hospitals.
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Not Now, Bernard
Not Now, Bernard David McKee
The classic picture book story by David McKee, now available in miniature hardback edition.
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Elmer and Grandpa Eldo
Elmer and Grandpa Eldo David McKee
New large format paperback edition of this charming Elmer story.
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Frog Finds a Friend
Frog Finds a Friend Max Velthuijs
New, large format paperback edition of this classic Frog story about friendship.
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Copper Rebecca Lisle
A mystery story of magical intensity set in a barren landscape.
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Tadpole's Promise
Tadpole's Promise Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross
From this classic partnership comes a shockingly predictable love story with, unusually for a picture book, an unhappy ending.
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Frog and the Treasure
Frog and the Treasure Max Velthuijs
The eleventh picture book to star the ever-green, always popular amphibian, now available in paperback for the first time.
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Elmer and Butterfly
Elmer and Butterfly David McKee
One good turn deserves another in this vibrant Elmer story about teamwork and friendship!
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Elmer And The Hippos
Elmer And The Hippos David McKee
Another heart-warming story starring the much loved multi-coloured elephant.
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I Don't Want to Go to Bed!
I Don't Want to Go to Bed! Tony Ross
A new sure-fire winner about the stroppy, opinionated - and yet endearing - Little Princess: the ninth in the series of which almost 2 million copies have been sold in the UK alone.
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I Want a Friend!
I Want a Friend! Tony Ross
The Little Princess starts school in this latest addition to the bestselling series.
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Who's in the Loo?
Who's in the Loo? Jeanne Willis, Adrian Reynolds
Tail-tabbed pages and downloadable audio features in this board book edition of a bestselling, prize-winning picture book
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The Horses of Follyfoot
The Horses of Follyfoot Monica Dickens
A much longed-for new edition of this classic series that inspired a generation of horse lovers!
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Out of Shadows
Out of Shadows Jason Wallace
A compelling and powerful novel about a destructive friendship, the need to belong and the psychological damage adolescent boys are capable of
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Superfrog and the Big Stink
Superfrog and the Big Stink Michael Foreman
A timely book about tackling greed and pollution from this multi award-winning children’s illustrator.
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The Dogs of Winter
The Dogs of Winter Bobbie Pyron
Based on the incredible true story of Ivan Mishukov. One boy, a cold, cruel city, and the dogs who saved his life . . .
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Sorrowline Niel Bushnell
The past is not a frozen place. Graveyards are not dead ends. And if the Sorrowline lets you in there is a hidden world of adventure waiting behind every gravestone.
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The Butterfly Clues
The Butterfly Clues Kate Ellison
This debut novel is a tour de force thriller about a girl whose obsessive-compulsive collecting leads her down a dangerous path of secrets, mystery, and murder – where every clue she uncovers could be her last.
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The Brave Beast
The Brave Beast Chris Judge
A compelling and humorous picture book about overcoming fear from the award-winning creator of The Lonely Beast.
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Space Blasters
Space Blasters Philip Caveney
The new book in Philip Caveney's action-packed movie series. Kip is headed into deepest, darkest space, to a galaxy far, far away . . .
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Urgle Meaghan McIsaac
An exciting, heart-breaking debut - The Knife of Never Letting Go meets Stand by Me.
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