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A Romantic Collection
A Romantic Collection Book List
Perfect for sharing the love this Valentine's (and International Book Giving) Day
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Books to read if you loved 13 Reasons Why
Books to read if you loved 13 Reasons Why Book List

Warning - Tissues maybe required

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Celebrate strong female characters
Celebrate strong female characters Book List
Strong female characters for International Women's Day
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Crime and Thrillers
Crime and Thrillers Book List

You better watch out… this Christmas might be a thriller.

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Expect the Unexpected
Expect the Unexpected Book List
Check out some of our favourite gripping reads from 2018 so far…
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Female characters to inspire young readers
Female characters to inspire young readers Book List
These Children's titles tell the stories of inspirational women and female characters.
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Fiction Book List

Introduce your loved-ones to some recent favourites this Christmas.

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Food and Lifestyle
Food and Lifestyle Book List

Garden beds to Christmas spreads – DIY guides to better living.

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Great books for singles
Great books for singles Book List
These great page-turners are perfect company this February 14!
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Household Names
Household Names Book List

An interest shared is an interest multiplied.

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Kapai the Kiwi
Kapai the Kiwi Book List

Join Kapai and his mates on a captivating adventure

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Kids and Young Adult
Kids and Young Adult Book List

Step away from the holiday commotion to share stories with the kids.

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Kids at Heart
Kids at Heart Book List

Share moments with the kids.

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Little Kiwi
Little Kiwi Series
Meet a tiny creature that will leave a huge impression.
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Must have biographies for your Christmas list
Must have biographies for your Christmas list Book List

Take a look at the must have books for your 2016 Christmas list. 

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Natural Selection
Natural Selection Book List

Lift your gift-giving to new heights. 

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New Zealand Stories
New Zealand Stories Book List

The inimitable stories that could only be from this tiny nation.

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Non-Fiction Book List

Share the incredible stories of others this Christmas.

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Not So Little Women
Not So Little Women Book List

Celebrating International Women's Day

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NZ Favourites Collection
NZ Favourites Collection Book List

50 of NZ's most loved children's books

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Paul Cleave: Rejacketed Editions
Paul Cleave: Rejacketed Editions Book List

Stunning new jackets for Paul Cleave's memorable mysteries.

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Penguin Moderns
Penguin Moderns Book List
The Radical Spirit of Penguin Modern Classics
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Read it before you see it...
Read it before you see it... Book List
Fueling the age old debate of book vs movie...
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Someone Special
Someone Special Book List

Endear yourself to your nearest and dearest.

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