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Slimming World - Food With Family & Friends
Enjoy all your favourite foods with family and friends without straying from the Slimming World plan.
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Rascal's Shadow
Rascal's Shadow Paul Jennings, Bob Lea
The fifteenth book in this fabulous series!
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Fool's Gold: Aussie Bites
Fool's Gold: Aussie Bites Margaret Clark, Andrew Mclean
An engaging adventure from the enduring Margaret Clark, with strong elements of mateship and historical background.
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Boris Gets a Lizard
Boris Gets a Lizard Andrew Joyner
Boris loves pets! He already has lots of them. All he's missing is his favourite animal, a Komodo dragon - the biggest lizard in the world!
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Ready, Set, Boris
Ready, Set, Boris Andrew Joyner
It's Sports Day and Boris is ready to run like he's never run before. He wants to beat Eddie, who always wins everything. All Frederick wants is not to come last—again. Who will make it across the finish line first? Ready, set...
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Boris Sees the Light
Boris Sees the Light Andrew Joyner
BORIS IS HAVING A SLEEPOVER! He's camping in the backyard with Frederick and Alice. They are not one bit scared of the dark. No way . . . But what is that strange light moving around outside the tent?
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Haggis McGregor and the Night of the Skull Moon : Aussie Bites
Haggis McGregor and the Night of the Skull Moon : Aussie Bites Jennifer Storer, Gus Gordon
An hilarious tale of three characters who in their own, individual ways, all just want to be part of a family.
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The Amazing Fleadini: Aussie Nibbles
The Amazing Fleadini: Aussie Nibbles Christina Miesen
The Flea Circus is the best show Matt has ever seen.  And now its superstar, the Amazing Fleadini, wants to stay with him!
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Slow Down Boris
Slow Down Boris Andrew Joyner
Boris is excited! The whole class is going on a school excursion to the city. They're visiting the museum, the park and the Road Safety School.
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Aussie Nibbles: Freda the Free-range Chook
Aussie Nibbles: Freda the Free-range Chook David Metzenthen, Stephen Axelsen
Freedom for a free-range chook! But maybe the familiarity of home and pen isn't such a bad thing after all, or so Freda discovers.
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Tomato Dynamite: Aussie Bites
Tomato Dynamite: Aussie Bites Sharyn Eastaugh, Mitch Vane
Tomato dynamite just might be the stinkiest, most powerful pickle in the world. But can it save Jack from certain humiliation at his school's annual swimming carnival?
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Runaways Sherryl Clark
The red balloon explodes my blood runs hot from skull to toes I grab my bag  and run. Cassie and her brother, Jack, are on the run from the past, from the future and from their failure of a family. But where can they go? And can you ever really run away?
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Rascal and the Dragon Droppings
Rascal and the Dragon Droppings Paul Jennings, Bob Lea
Read a Rascal story to your children and before long they'll read it to you.
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