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Read it before you see it...
Read it before you see it... Book List
Fueling the age old debate of book vs movie...
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Someone Special
Someone Special Book List

Endear yourself to your nearest and dearest.

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Summer Barbeques
Summer Barbeques Book List

Eat like kings and queens at your next dinner party!

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Summer Reads
Summer Reads Book List
What do you look for in the ideal holiday page-turner?
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Tastemakers and Trailblazers
Tastemakers and Trailblazers Book List

Show them that your finger’s on the pulse – even if it’s not.

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9 of the… Wrongest!
9 of the… Wrongest! Book List

Author Avril Tremayne offers up her favourite Mr Wrongs in literature.

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A Colourful Bunch
A Colourful Bunch Book List

A guide to Penguin Specials: short, original, affordable and oh-so colourful.

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A Literary Trip
A Literary Trip Book List

Take a literary journey with colourful Penguin Pocket Classics.

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A Lover and a Writer
A Lover and a Writer Book List

Charlotte McConaghy’s top 10 romantic fantasy novels.

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A Rough Guide: Ian McEwan
A Rough Guide: Ian McEwan Book List

Explore the affecting, inimitable, unforgettable stories of this remarkable author.

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Action on the Water
Action on the Water Book List

The highest drama on the brine.

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Alex Cross
Alex Cross Series
Analyse murder scenes with the best: detective and forensic psychologist Dr. Alex Cross. 
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Alice-Miranda Series
Follow the fortunes of perpetually positive seven year old, Alice-Miranda. 
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Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom Book List

Stories to inspire little people’s awareness of the animal world.

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Animal Stories
Animal Stories Book List

Get kids reading these fun animal stories!

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Animals and Us
Animals and Us Book List

Stories of connection, courage and cuteness.

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Art Imitating Life
Art Imitating Life Book List

Fiction that carries an uncanny likeness to the realities of our times.

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Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed Series
Beyond the video game, the war between Assassins and the Knights Templar continues.
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Australian Children’s Classics
Australian Children’s Classics Book List

Rediscover the magic of Australia’s most memorable books for children and teens. 

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Australian Heroes
Australian Heroes Book List

Inspiring stories of exceptional Australians, past and present.

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Australian Histories
Australian Histories Book List

Looking back at people, places and events that shaped who we are.

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Autumn Reads
Autumn Reads Book List

Stock your reading pile with some books worth savouring.

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Battle Cries
Battle Cries Book List

Gripping stories of Australian soldiers in combat.

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Bedtime Favourites
Bedtime Favourites Book List

The tried and tested bedtime stories for babies and toddlers. 

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